Tuesday, 19 June 2018


17th June 2018.
During our visit to Talakad on 17th June 2018, planned to visit Choza Period temples and some heritage sites. One the way to Talakad, had seen many hero stones erected for various purposes. Hope the people of the villages had the practice of erecting hero stones in remembrance of  the deceased, who had done some extraordinary brave activity. Depends on the bravery of the deceased, the relief  scene of the hero stones are chiselled. Almost all the villages we travelled  from Thalavadi to Talakad, has such hero stones. It is a paradise for the researchers and enthusiasts to study on the hero stones. At one stage we had seen some hero stones without stepping out of the car. In this blog, I will cover the hero stones of three villages and their importance.

In the Village Chikkahole, there are three hero stones found about 100 meters off main road, inside a palm grove. Out of three,  two are three tier hero stones and one is of single tier. The details with photos are..
LOCATION:  ( purposely not given )

It is believed that the hero stone belongs to Gangar period, considering the style of reliefs and the weapon used. The three tiers hero stone was  erected for a warrior, who died in the process of fighting. The hero is fighting with his opponent with bow & arrow,  but whereas the opponent holds a shield and a sword of unusual shape. In the second tier the hero is being taken to the heaven by the angels, In the third tier the hero is shown worshiping Lord Shiva in sitting posture. The hero’s headgear ‘turban’, and the other warrior’s sword are worth to note.

The second one is a Sati stone. In the first tier the hero is fighting with his opponent. Both are holding shield and sword symmetrically shown like mirror image. The hero’s wife is not shown in the first tier, but both hero and his wife are shown in the second tier. Hero and his wife who took sati after her husband’s death are taken to heaven by the angels. In the top tier both hero and his wife are worshiping Lord Shiva in sitting posture.

The third nadukal is a simple hero stone of single tier. Holding sword and shield.