Thursday, 11 January 2018


07th January 2018.
I was fortunate to join with the Jain community Ahimsa walk scheduled on 7th January 2018.  The places visited are  on the route from Kanchipuram to Arakonam in Vellore District. The Ahimsa walk was planned to visit the heritage sites related to Jainism, where Theerthangarar statues  are un earthed and installed. We know that in and around Kanchipuram Jainisam was flourished once.  Many Jain temples were constructed, when it was in peak. After 9th century Jainisam started diminishing due to raise of Saivam.

Started our journey from Chennai Adambakkam around 06.00 hrs through a van. Picked up friends on the way and reached our first stop of Enathur near Kanchipuram. In addition to us Heritage enthusiastic Jains also joined in 4 cars. Though this visit to Enathur Mahaveer temple was not planned, covered on the way to Asa Nellikuppam.

This Mahaveer was unearthed near this place. Originally it was a theerthangarar  and reworked on face and mukkudai. The Simha also added at the base of the statue. The Statue was little eroded condition. On the top both side only samaram was carved without samaratharis. After rework the Mahaveer was installed in a newly constructed temple and Kumbhabhishekam was also performed. We are happy to worship on the 48th day final day of mandala pooja.

It was told that this theerthangarar was found in a thorny bush & knee deep sludge. It was brought to the Vinayagar temple  of the village, on the previous day of our visit. After breakfast, Started our Ahimsa Walk up to the temple. Villagers also joined in the walk and Children joined at the temple. The purpose of the walk was explained to the Villagers and a interactive story was told  by our Nivedita Louis, the writer and blogger.  Note books were also distributed to the students.

The theerthangarar’s mukkudai, legs and hands are found damaged. In this statue samaratharis are also shown on the top of the statue, both are also damaged to some extend. It was told that the statue  may be of 1000 years old.

After the visit to Asanellikuppam we headed to wards Arakonam. In the mean time, it was came to know that a Jain sculpture is kept in a Shiva Temple at Arumpakkam. After making confirmation we reached the Arumpakkam Shiva Temple.

The theerthangarar is kept under the Bhodhi tree along with Nagar and Vinayagar. The theerthangarar statue is in a very good condition. The Mukkudai, Thorana, Samaratharis with their ornaments , hair style & dresses are clearly shown. It was learnt that efforts are on to construct a separate sannadhi exclusively for this theerthangarar.

This place uppukulam is part of Arakonam Town. The Theerthangarar statue is behind a Perumal temple with a narrow access from the main road. This theerthangarar is under open sky and it was learned that Arakonam Jains worship this theerthangarar. The statue is slightly eroded condition.  This statue also has the Mukkudai and samaratharis. 3 Squatting lions are shown on the base of the statue.

In front of Theerthangarar a manthira kal is also installed. This manthira kal is engraved with symbols on both side. Also it has some epigraphic inscriptions, which we could not read. The purpose is not known.

Reached our final stop of our Ahimsa Walk. A Parsuvanathar  statue is kept in the Kava Narayana Perumal Temple. This statue was taken from a dilapidated temple, which is in the midst of ground nut field. ( encroached ) The statue is in excellent condition. Parsuvanathar is in standing posture with 5 headed snake hood. The attendants are on both side. Visited the dilapidated temple site also. In a brief meeting at the temple, new participants were introduced  and  a book on Jain temples in Nadu Nadu was also presented.

It was learnt that this statue was stolen and was waiting in a ship to export. Three days the ship was stranded  in the port with a huge sum as demurrage   and moved after the Statue was taken out of the ship.   

Had our lunch hosted by the owner of the Balaji bus service.  After our lunch  started out return journey to Chennai. I sincerely extend my thanks to Sasikala devi who organised this wonderful Ahimsa Walk and the participants.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018


07th January 2018.
For a change this week joined with Jain community heritage enthusiasts  for the Ahimsa walk  at Asa Nellikuppam, UppuKulam ( a part of Arakonam Town ) and Kavanur lead by Mrs Sasikala devi. Though this Shiva  temple visit was not planned earlier, added  in the list since it was told that a theerthangarar was kept along with nagars under Bhodhi tree, which was excavated in the Village. 

Iraivan: Sri Devathi Rajeeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Anupamathini Ambal
Some of the important features are...

The temple is facing east without any Rajagopuram. Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and Nandhi Mandapam are on the east side entrance. Entrance to the Main shrine is from South. The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum, antarala, arthamandapa and mahamandapam.  Ambal is facing suth in the mahamandapam. Urchavars are in the Mahamandapam. The sanctum out side has the ahazhi.

In kashtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamurthy, Maha Vishnu ( in Lingothbavar place ), Brahma and Durgai. In the prakaram sannadhi for Selva Ganapathy, Saraswathy, Gajalakshmi, Valli devasena Subramaniyar, Naalvar, Bairavar, Sapthamathar, Suryan, Chandran, Balaganapathy, balamurugan, Arumugar and Sandikeswarar.

It was told that the temple is 1000 years old. The inscriptions are not clear due to sand blasting. The temple was renovated and Kumbhabhishekam was performed on 04-06-2017.

As per the legend, Durvasa Maharishi gave Indira, the garland after performed pooja to Lord Mahavishnu. His vahana Iravatham destroyed he garland with it’s leg. On seeing this Muni Durvasa cursed Indira to loose his Indira / Raja position and a reduced life.  To get rid of the  curse, after visiting many Shiva temple, came to this place Arumpakkam worshipped Lord Shiva with a lotus from the akazi. Lord shiva blessed him with full life and gave the Indra postion also. Hence those who lost their job may pray Lord Shiva to get back and a good  place for conducting poojas  to increase the life like, Shastiyampatha poorthy and Sthabhishekam.  To get rid of problems related to womb, abhishekam may  be performed to Ambal with 108 lemon juice.

The temple kept opened between 07.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs.

Arumpakkam is on the way to Arakonam from Kanchipuram.


 MahaVishnu in Koshtam


 sapthamatrika panel

 sapthamatrika panel

 sapthamatrika panel

 sapthamatrika panel

sapthamatrika panel

Believed to be kulothunga Chozha ?


Monday, 8 January 2018


31st December 2017.
After Vijayanagara kings the temples in Taminadu are surviving because of the thirupani ( selfless service ) by the Nattukottai Chettiyars otherwise called as Nagarathars. All the nagarathars comes under 9 Shiva temples and they also worship Lord Muruga/ Subramaniyar. During Thai poosam festival they use to walk with out cheppal to the Murugan Temples of Palani, Thiruthani, Thiruchenthur from their residence.

In addition to this they used worship Lord Murugan at a Common place where they are presently residing  for a day or two. One of my friend of Konapet ( Ko Nagar ), invited me for their 18th year annual function of Swamy & Ambal thirukalyanam and Arupadai Murugan alangara pooja at a Sri Krishna Swamy Kalyana Mandapam, on South Boag Road, Chennai.  Though the function was scheduled from early morning 04.00 hrs with homam, I could able to attend only around 11.30 hrs. Had the dharshan of Thiruthani, Swamimalai and Pazhamudir Cholai Sri Valli Devasena Murugan with beautiful sandal paste alangaram. 

Through out the day the bhajan was performed by the children. Enjoyed the hospitality of Ko Nagar ( Konapet ) Nagarathars  and dharshan of Sri Valli Devasena Murugan.  Here are some pictures taken during my visit....

 Thiruthani- see the expression of Sri Valli 

 Thiruthani- see the expression of Sri Valli 

 Swamimalai _ Muruga as Guru to Lord Shiva 

Pazhamudir Cholai 

Friday, 5 January 2018


31st December 2017.
A 500 years old Shiva temple, now called as Sri Bala Subramaniya Swamy Temple is on Eldams road in Vanniya Theynampet. ( The Street on the east side of Shiva Temple is called as Ramalingeswarar Koil Street )  Also this is one of the temples which has main entrance on the north side. The Aalayamman temple is under the control of this management.

Iraivan : Sri Ramalingeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Sivakami
Some of the important details are as follows…

The temple is facing east with a 5 tier Rajagopuram on the north side. a Small Ganapathy and Bairavar sannadhis abutting inside of Rajagopuram. Sri Valli Devasena samedha  Sri Balasubramaniya Swamy Sannadhi with Palipedam, Dwajasthambam and Vahana Peacock  is immediately after the  Rajagopuram. This temple is of about 50 years old. It was told that Peacock was made out of emerald a precious stone. Annamalaiyar and Unnamai are in front of Sri Valli Devasena Subramaniyar. Arunagirinathar sannadhi is in front.

Sri Ramalingeswara temple is facing east with Palipedam and Nandhi. Sri Sivakami Ambal is in a separate sannadhi facing South. In koshtam Ganapathy, Dhakshinamurthy, Vishnu, Brahma and Durgai. Sri Parvathavardhini sannadhi is in between Shiva and Sri Balasubramaniya Swamy Sannadhi facing east with a Palliyarai. The other sannadhis are Sri Raja Ganapathy, Nagars under peepal/ Bodhi  tree. A separate Rajagopuram for Shiva Temple is under construction.

Thirululam/ temple pond was reconstructed during recent years with a neerazhi mandapam in which a Nandhi is installed. Kubera Vinayagar, Saibaba Sannadhi and Kosala are on the west bank of Thirukulam/ pond.

It was told that the temple is more than 500 years old and Lord Shiva was worshipped by siddhars. A few stone pillars of the mandapam seems to be of very old, reminds the past. The temple is under the control of Tamil Nadu HR&CE Department.

KandhaShasti, Thaipoosam and Maha Shiva Rathiri are celebrated in a grand manner.  

The temple will be opened between 06.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 17.00 hrs to 21.00 hrs.

The Land line number is +91 44 24351892. Clerk 9884172712 and Eo  9841053511.

The temple is about 10 KM from Koyambedu bus terminus and18 KM from Central Railway station.
About 500 meters off Annasalai on the Eldams Road in Vannia Theynampet.
Nearest bus stop is the Theynampet signal. All the town buses between Thambram and Broadway stops at this bus stop.

 Rajagopuram View from inside, Navagrahas and the Dwajasthambam on the left  belongs to Sri balasubramaniya swamy sannadhi.

 Sri Parvatha Vardhini Sannadhi 

 Kubera Vinayagar Sannadhi 





31st December 2017.
During my personal visit to attend a function at Theynampet, came across this Aalayamman Temple, very close to Theynampet Signal.  This temple is under the control of Sri Balasubramaniyaswamy Temple is Vanniya Theynampet. 

Goddess: Sri Aalayamman
Some of the important features of this temple are...

The temple is facing east with out Rajagopuram. Palipedam, Dwajasthambam and Simha vahanam are in the muka mandapam.  The sanctum sanctorum consists of a  sanctum, arthamandapam and a muka mandapam. The entrance arch is on the road side in addition to the east side entrance.

In the arthamandapam sannadhi for Vinayagar, Urchavars and alaimel amarnthaal, a suwayambu moortham. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Vinayagar and Valli Devasena Subramaniyar, Nagars under Neem tree and Navagrahas,

It was told that the temple is few centuries old and the period is not known. It is believed that this temple is equivalent to 108 sakthi peedam and worshipped by Siddhars. Devotees pray this amman for getting child birth.   Special poojas are conducted during Aadi month and Thai pongal.

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 17.30 hrs to 20.00 hrs.

The office of Sri Balasubramaniya swamy temple may be contacted for further details and the land line and mobile numbers are  +91 44 2435 1892 or 9884172712.

This temple is very close to Theynampet Signal.
All  the town buses plying through Anna salai  from Guindy to Broadway passes through Theynampet Signal.


 Vinayagar sannadhi

 Subramaniyar sannadhi

 Navagrahas Sannadhi 

 Entrance Arch on the road  side