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12th November 2016.
We three, Self, Mr Raja and Mr Srinivasan started from Erode for this Sarkar Periyapalayam Sri Sukreeswarar Temple and Mr Thenkongu Sadasivan and Gowthamai joined at the temple.We hired a taxi for this visit from Erode since, we planned to Visit three places ie, Sarkar Periya Palayam, Kodumanal, Kumarikal Palayam and Vijayamangalam.  During our Visit the Sivacahariyar was preparing for the sani prathosham. Sundarar has mentioned this temple’s Iraivan in his hymn and hence this is one of the Thevara vaipu Sthalam of Kongu Nadu. This temple is also called as Kurakkuthali Adudaya nayanar Temple.

Iraivan : Sri Sukreeswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Aavudai Nayaki.

Some of the important features of this temple are...
It was believed that, Sukreevan worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple, hence Iranvan is called as Sukreeswarar. The Pudai sirpam is on the south side base of the main sanctum.

The temple is facing east with an entrance on the south side. Nandhi Palipedam are in the east side. Dwajasthambam and Vilakkuthoon are missing, which are found in most of the Kongu Nadu Temples.

There are two Nandhis kept in a mandapam and one of the nandhi’s horn in broken condition. It was told the same was replaced by a New nandhi and kept in front of the old one. As per Iraivan’s wish the old nandhi came to front and New nandhi moved back. After seeing this miracle the devotees installed both in the mandapam.

In the outer prakaram Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Ambal, Subramaniyar, Sandikeswarar, Vayu Lingam, Kubera Lingam, Bairavar, Eesanya Lingam, Bathrakaliamman and  Suryan.

In the inner mandapam, No shrines and no Dwarabalakas. At the entrance of the artha mandapam, Ganesh on the left and Anjaneyar on the right.  There is a Navakanda statue in the artha mandapam and the history is not known.
In Koshtam Dhakshinamurthy are the latter Addition.

Ambal is in a separate temple facing  east ( instead of South ) with Nandhi under a mandapam in front. In the mandapam, old statues of Sapthamathakkal, Subramaniyar, Vishnu, Vishnu Durgai ( Poojas are not conducted to these statues.)

It was told that the temple exists in 4 yugas and as per history it is of 2500 Years old. The moolavar Lingam is of 5th century. The oldest inscription found  belongs to 1220AD. There are about 11 inscriptions in the temple, of which one belongs to Kongu Chozha, 9 belongs to Kongu Pandyas and one belongs to Mysore Umathur King Veerananjaraayar. The temple comes under the control of Archeological Survey Of India ( ASI ).

The Inscriptions mainly speaks about the consruction of Pond, donation of gold, land etc,. for Conducting the functions and Poojas. Above all, the Kongu Chozha Sundara Pandiyan’s inscription is the biggest one with 24 lines  and each lin consists of 130 to 140 letters. This speaks about the trading agreement  for payment of taxes ( depends on the materials Like minarals, Cttoon clothes, wood( Sandal ), Elephant, Hirse, etc,. In this trading agreement 64 traders signed and whose names are also written.

The temple will be kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.

Gurukkal Nagaraja Iyyar may be contacted on his mobile 9442373455.

The place Sarkar Periya Palayam is on the way to Erode to Tiruppur  through Uthukuli, which is famous for butter. About 6 KM before Tiruppur.


 The horn broken Nandhi is infront 
 A Navakanda Statue

 Trading agreement inscriptions
 Trading agreement inscriptions


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