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22nd October 2016

The Theosophical Society remembers it’s  Founders, Presidents and Vice Presidents  &  it’s un-known members by erecting their statues in side the  Head quarters premises and creating a Garden of remembrance.  Colonel H S Olcott’s statute of  both life size and Burst size statues are erected at Headquarters building and in front of The Adyar Library. Blavatsky and colonel H S Olcott’s statute are in the Headquarters hall. The vice president S Subramanya Iyer’s statue is also erected in front of Head quarters building. 

H S Olcott, Anne Besant and N SriRam are cremated here and Lead Beater’s ash is also kept in the Garden of remembrance. The Garden of remembrance was constructed  in the form of TS emblem  an  interlocked triangles forming a star with lotus ponds to remember 125 years of past Presidents. 

In addition to this H S Olcott was fondly remembered outside T S premises too, by keeping his name to a School, a residential colony ( Olcott Kuppam ) created for the fishermen in Besant Nagar for his remarkable service to the Community. 

 N Sriram was cremated here 

 H S Olcott- the place where the body was given back to elements by fire 

Blavatsky and H S Olcott

 In memory of its un known members 
 In memory of its un-known members 
 S Subramanya Iyer – a past Vice President, Vice chancellor of Madras Universit and Judge of madras High Court.
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