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20th November 2016
The temple is in Velachery, previously called as Vedhasreni. The story is very much associated to Sri Dhandeeswarar Shiva temple Temple ( 4 Vedas relieved from dhosham after worshiping Lord Shiva ).

Moolavar   : Sri Yoganarasimha Swamy
Thayar      : Sri Amirthabalavalli

Some of the important features are..
The temple is facing west with a 3 tier Rajagopuram and Palipedam and Dwajasthambam are immediately after the Rajagopuram.

Thayar Amirthabalavalli is in a separate sanndhi on the right side facing east and Chakkarathalwar and Kothandaramar  with Anjaneyar sannadhi are on the left side near the Rajagopuram also facing east.  Bodhi tree with Nagars are on the right side of the dwajasthambam.
he temple was rebuilt recently by the Prakalatha Kaingarya trust  through public money and Kumbhabhishekam was performed in 2016. The temple was rebuilt completely with granite stone.

The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum, arthamandapam and mahamandapam. In the mahamandapam, sannadhi for alwars. Dwarabalakars are at the entrance of the mahamandapam and Arthamandapam. In the arthamandapam,  Urchavars Bhakthavatsala Perumal with Boodevi and Sridevi, and  Vedhanarayana Swamy is with prayoga chakra.  In Sanctum moolavar is Sri Narasimha swamy in sitting yoga posture.

In koshtam moorthams of Perumals avatharas.and below reliefs of Narasimhar’s various postures like Juwala, Sathra vada, Paravana, etc.. Prakalath sannadhi is on the opposite of moolavar instead of Garudalwar.

The temple is believed to be of  1300 years old and constructed during the same period of Sri Dhandeeswarar and Sri Selliamman. The temple has the contributions of Rajaraja Chozha, Dhandi varma the Pallva King interms of land  and money for performing regular Poojas and functions.

The original temple’s base – Kumudham- is installed separately, which has inscriptions.

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 Hrs to 10.30 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs.

The Battar Sri Ramanujar wants the devotees to come directly instead of contacting him over his phone.

The Temple is on the way from Gurunanak College and Vijayanagara Bus stop in Velachery immediately after Selli Amman Temple and Sri Dhandeeswarar Shiva temple.
All the Town buses to Velachery passes through this temple and Bus stop is called as Dhandeeswaram.

 The west side 3 tier Rajagopuram

 Thayar      : Sri Amirthabalavalli Sannadhi
 Kothandaramar sannadhi 

 East side entrance 
The old base of the original temple with inscriptions 



  1. Beautifully explained with great photo clicks !!


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