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29th January 2017
In search of Local History of MADRAS the present Chennai, We had a Heritage walk on the Mint street  from Ekambareswarar Temple till the end of the street at 7 Wells on 29th January 2017. We had covered both Heritage structures and Temples. The details and the photos taken are.....
SRI EKAMBARESWARAR TEMPLE ( The details of this temple are posted in one of the post in my blog)

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Searching for the gold at the beginning of the mint street on NSC Bose road.. dust collected on the street where jewellery shops are located... segregating with cholavu ... she will take home and wash with water and to find out any kundhumani of gold.. for the survival...

RAMANUJAR KOOTAM: Ramanujar Kootam, one of the old structure  on the mint street with finely carved entrance door. The carving include Lakshmi, Kamadhenu and Swan. The Building belongs to merchant Chettiyar s community. The present inmates told it will be demolished with in a years. It has the central court yard open to sky but covered with colour pvc sheets. For the natural light to fall till the ground with hole arrangement on the Madras terrace roof...

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TTV HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL: The TTV higher secondary school on Mint street established in the year 1854. T T V - Thondai mandala Thuluva Vellalar community established this school. The structure is strong due to proper maintenance. It was told that the first ticketed classical concerts were held here during 1880’s in this school hall.

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RAMAR TEMPLE: The temple is under the control of Alluri Venkatadri Swami Mutt. Aapart from sannadhi for Ramar & hanuman there is a Padma peeda pedestal with Sri Ramar Pathan. The pedestal rests on a 5 Laks Rama Nama inscriptions on paper. The pedestal has the unique feature of Ramar Pathan, 12 Rasis and 27 Nakshathras..
A brief history of 

Sri Alluri Venkatadri swami was born in the year 1806 in Andhra Pradesh. He was a scholar in shastras and stotras at the young age without formal education. He had serviced to Lord Vishnu at Bhadrachalam and latter at Thirumala. He came to Kanchi worshipped Sri Varadharajaperumal and he made a diamond crown with the devotee’s contribution. In the Year 1835 He also served at Chennai Sri Parthasarathy Temple. He went to Srirangam also. 1877 he attained the lotus feet of Vishnu.

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OLD JAIL: Old Jail at seven wells area at the end of Mint Street, behind seven wells pumping station, which comes under the control of defence. Central polytechnic functioned here before shifting to Tharamani. PWD department who carries out the maintenance of Shutters to all the dams of Tamilnadu now functioning here. The canon and the old bell are the main attraction at present and reminds the past.

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Another bhajanai madam which we could not peep in to.... on the mint Street

SRI VALLI DEVANAI SIVA SUBRAMANIYA SWAMY TEMPLE : Sri Valli Devasena Siva Subramanya Swamy temple on the mint street. People call this as Malai Koil and the reason is not known.. The reason may be the front arch is constructed like a hill.  It was told that the temple was constructed by the Viswakarma community who are worked in the mint factory. On the entrance arch Valli & Devasena are on the elephant. Valli Devasena Subramaniyar wooden relief can be seen on the dwajasthambam. One of the  inscription tablet  is paved on the floor without knowing its value...

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RETTAI PILLAYAR TENPLE: A temple dedicated to Rettai (Two) Pillayar. Sannadi for Subramaniyar and Shiva Sannadhi are on both side of Vinayagar Sannadhi. The temple has the contributions of Mayilai Azhakappa Mudaliyars and the details are not known, but the name is written on the entrance. Vimanas are looks very old and the sanctum was constructed with bricks. Dwarabalakars looks odd and are not in regular form.

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Hero Stone on the back side of the sanctum

MINT BUILDING :  During 1841/42 The East India Company moved it’s coin making facility to this building now in dilapidated condition. Later this became the Government Press which still functions. The unit which was used to produce gunpowder was transformed into a Mint for which the work began in 1804. The building was completed in 1807, but the mint machineries were made available only in 1841. Now, a new  building was constructed in the same premises called ‘Government printing press’ and is being used for the print requirements of the Government
Description courtesy Sri Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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SRI VALLALAR HOME: Sri Ramalinga Adikal aka Vallalar stayed here between  1825 to 1858 AD ( 33 years ).In this place only he had seen Lord Muruga Peruman in the mirror. 

It was told that annadhanam is being served to 100 people's daily, apart from bhajans and important functions like his birth star of Chithirai on every month. We are fortunate  that we had the dharshan on his anniversary day.

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JAIN TEMPLES : The mint street was dominated by the Jains with lot of their Temples. It was an awesome sight to see the young boys and girls wearing crown like head gear on Sundays and going to the temples.
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