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4th April 2017.
In connection with the official trip to Ooty ( Otacamund ) visited this 104 years old heritage building, Lawley institute. This is one of the heritage buildings built during 20th century.

During early 1900s the British who discovered and developed Ooty  started staying there. They had their own  Ooty Club, Gymkhana Club. Etc,. Zamindars, Kings also stayed at Ooty especially during summer. Since Indians are not  allowed  in the Clubs started by the British, they wanted to have some meeting place for the elite Indians with recreation facilities to stay and enjoy the seasons.  Thus this Lawley Institute was born on September 15, 1911 with the magnanimous contribution of Rs 30,000 by Sir V.S. Ranga Rao Bahadur Varu, the son of King Bobbili of Andhra Pradesh ( There was no division of states during that time. He also contributed for the Madras Race Club and one of the structure was named after him ).  The Institute was named after the then Governor of Madras, Sir Arthur Lawley ( as a Governor of madras between 28th March 1906 to 3rd Nov 1911.) and foundation stone was laid by him on 15th September 1911. The same was opened by the then  Governor Madras ( between 30th October 1912 to 29th March 1919) His Excellency  Right Honble Lord Pentland G.C.I.E,  19th May 1913.

The purpose of the club  started was to provide accommodation and recreation facilities for the  Indiana members, family and friends. The Institute is being managed by a board of trustees and the Collector as a President.  Now the members spread throughout the country.

The Lawley institute is very close to Botanical garden and non members are also allowed to stay during non seasons at a  slightly higher tariff than the members. Preference is given only to the members during seasons with nominal rent.  The institute has a shuttle court to play, a Library and rooms & cottages. The rooms are maintained neat and clean.


 One of the member and trustee from Chettinad


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