Friday, 1 December 2017


26th November 2017.
This visit was a part of a Heritage Visit lead by Mr Venkatesh, The historian and writer. During our visit at Seeyamangalam happened to see Menhir in the midst of a lake adjacent to the 7th Century Pallava period rock cut cave Sri Sthambeswarar Temple. The temple Gurukkal explained the legend of the temple. In that he said that Shiva came down to earth in the form of Sthambam, hence called as Sthambeswarar. 
At first sight I could not believe it. The experts clarified that Seeyamangalam was an early humans habitation site  ( end of Stone age and beginning of Iron age ) and cairn circles are there near the stambam. The Sthambam is a MENHIR erected at the burial sites. Usually the dead body will be kept in a urn and buried. Over which Dolmen or Menhirs will be  erected. These menhirs are erected for leader or important persons of that group. This menhir belongs to 9th century BCE to 3rd century BCE. These sort of Menhirs available in foreign countries also. Had seen such menhirs at Kodumanal, Kumarikal PalayamNichampalayam in Kongu Mandalam. 

ROCK ART / ROCK CARVINGS. கீறல் ஒவியங்கள்.
After the Dharshan of Sri Ranganathar at Thirumalpadi, happened to see some figures carved rather I can say chiseled on the rock at the foot of the hill. A Man with crown and some animals are chiseled. When we searched the web site, the same  was  documented as rock carvings  and listed along with stone and Iron age paintings of Thiruvannamalai District ( Serials Publications by Mr K Rajan ).
Usually the rock carvings  are done using like, nails, bones of animals or sharp stones. These types of carvings may belongs to stone age. But these carvings  found at Thirumalpadi may belong to much latter period. The carvings are done using chisel and the curves of the animals are very neat. Some experts of the opinion that these carving belongs to recent years and may not cross 100 years. Then how come it is documented along with the rock art paintings?. The reason is not known. Up loaded the rock carving photos of Marayur and Hampi, which I had seen.  
 Engravings / carvings at Thirumalpadi
 Engravings / carvings at Thirumalpadi
 Engravings / carvings at Thirumalpadi
 Engravings / carvings at Thirumalpadi
Engravings / carvings at Thirumalpadi

 Carvings at Hampi  (கீறல் ஒவியங்கள் )

Maraiyur carvings ( கீறல் ஒவியங்கள் )