Thursday, 19 July 2018


15th July 2018
On the Foot path of Nandhanar... a visit to the places and the temples associated with Nandhanar also called as Thirunalai Povaar, one of the 63 Nayanmars was organised by Prof Madhusuthanan Kalaiselvan and the songs composed by Sri Gopalakrishna Bharathi  are rendered by Vidwans Bharat Sundar and Sunil Gargyan between 14th July & 15th July 2018. After completing the visit to Thiruppukur and lunch on 15th July 2018,  we headed to our next destination Nandhanar Madam, on the south part of Chidambaram.
Nandhanar gave initiation to the Andhanar, to whom he worked. The Andhanar also became a devote of Lord Shiva and requested Nandhanar to proceed to Chidambaram. When he reached Chidambaram, he could see the smokes emanating from the homam conducted by the rishis and Vedhiyars. The inferiority complex of being born in Pulayar caste, developed within him stopped to enter inside the Chidambaram. So he circumambulates the temple city for three whole days and stayed in a coconut farm on the south part of Perumpatrappuliyur now called as Thillai or Chidambaram. The rest of the story will be written along with Thillai Natarajar Dharshan.

In remembrance of Nandhanar’s stay, a Madam was established by his devotees. About 200 – 300 years before a temple with brick and lime mortar was also constructed facing north. From the reliefs carved above entrance, this temple  most probably constructed by Nayaks. The temple seemed to be unfinished, but looks in good condition. Walls are not plastered and floors are not laid.

The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum and arthamandapam. In the arthamandapam Vinayagar on the left and Dhandayuthapani on the right. In the sanctum Nandhanar as Nandhamaa munivar standing to a height of 5 feet on a pedestal facing Thillai Natarajar. The head is with Jada makudam and a beard, Rudraksha beed mala on his neck and hands. The hands are in folded position.  Yaknopavithiram with three  threads also shown. A light can be seen from the eyes  and bright thejas on his face. Dhurvasa maharishi statue is also there on the right side of Nandhanar. The temple might have maintained by the Dhurvasa Maharishi related mutt. 

Now, around the temple, complete space has been encroached by the people displaced from the Kollidam flood. It was told that last 30 years pooja was conducted by a lady and same was stopped after her demise.  Debris were thrown inside the temple and became the hiding place for the snakes. The temple came to light through our Prof Madhusuthanan Kalaiselvan and his team. Chidambaram municipal Corporation also cleared debris. During our Visit Pooja was conducted and Vidwan Bharat Sundar sang a song from Nandhanar Charithiram composed by Gopalakrishna Bharathi.

The Nandhanar temple is on the south of  Chidambaram on the Nandhanar Street, Senkaddaan Street.

LOCATION: GPS Co-Ordinates: 11deg12’ 52.95”  and 79deg 43’ 37.17”

 The reliefs carved above the front arch, these may be the donars for this temple  and may belongs to Nayak period
 The lane which leads to the temple

The lady is taking care of the temple