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23, July 2013
had the opportunity  of joining Tour organised by REACH Foundation,  on 21st July 2013 to Neyveli, Thirupachur, Thiruvalangadu, Manavur and Pazhayanur. It was an wonderful experience. Learnt a lot from Mr Vagula Vradharajan, the Historian.


Initially I thought Neyveli is the place in North Arcot district where Neyveli Lignite Corporation is located. Then I understand that this Neyveli is near to Poondi ( Thiruvallur ). On the way to Thiruvallur Mr Chandrasekaran, PRO of REACH foundation  narrated the incidents happened  about the the Neyveli Shiva Temple. It was learnt that the Neyveli Shiva Temple is being worshipped by Siddhars in shusma roopam. The incidents happened are proof for the same.  Miracles also happened through Lord Agneeswara Swamy of this temple. I am really glad to worship Lord Agneeswarar. Initially only the Shiva Lingam’s head was visible, through Kallala tree trunk. When excavated there was no damage  and the Lingam was found intact with shining. Kumbabishekam was conducted recently and we went for the mandala pooja. The new temple  was constructed in front of original Shiva Lingam. The details are as follows.

Iraivan : Sri Aadhi Agneewarar
Iraivi    : Sri Lalithambigai
Sthala Virksham : Kallala Tree

Some of the important features of this temple are....
  1. The Rajagopuram is yet to be constructed  and the entrance arch is on the south side. The temple is facing east.
  2. In the outer prakaram Sannadhi for Radha with Krishanan, Ganapathy, Sri Valli devasena Sametha Subramaniyar, Vana Durgai, Sandikeswarar, Naga Devar and Naga Devathai with a Child ( It was believed that if one worships naga Devathais they will be blessed with Childeren ) and Sri Dhakshinamoorthy is under the Kallala Tree facing south.
  3. The Sthala Viruksham is a real Kallala Tree and it is believed that the tree is more than 5000 years old. Also Yakshini’s are living in the tree hence the tree itself treated as sacred.  There are some Latterite stones are seen in between the roots of the tree. These stones  might have been used for the original temple.
  4. A siddhar in the form of snake lives in the tree and one or two people had the dharshan.
  5. Ambal is facing south in standing posture with four hands. Lotus on two hands and other two in abaya hastham and vara hastham.
  1. We, 15 member from REACH foundation went through a van  from Chennai.
  2. Neyveli is on the way from Thiruvallur to Poondi. And the temple is about a km off main road  on east side of the village  in the mids of paddy field.
  1. For pooja and  timings  Please contact Ramamoorthy Gurukkal 9843685562 and Pradeep 9710709301.
 Sthala Viruksham Kallala Tree
 East side entrance arch
 Nagadevar and Naga Devathai with a child
 South side entrance arch  and the Gajabirusta vimanam is on the left side
 Sri Agneeswarar
 Kallala maram trunk
 Sri Vana Durgai
 Kallala maram fruits

After Dharshan of Lord Agneeswarar we proceeded to see the Poondi archaeological museum. On the way we had seen the the place where the stone weapons were are made during stone age period. The site is now under the control of Archaeological Department. Through Historian Mr Vagula Varadharajan it was learnt the site might be 1 lakhs years old. The stones we had seen are very much looks like stone age weapons.

Since the museum was closed, we returned back to Thiruvallur for second breakfast. At temple we had Lord Shiva’s prasatham as first breakfast.

It was 11.30 Hrs when we proceeded to Thirupachur after breakfast at Thiruvallur. We are lucky enough to enter in to the temple before closing the temple after pooja. After dharshan, our historian explained the details of the temple.  Since Ambal is on the right side of the moolavar, this temple is important for the marriages. To prove that there is a Kalyana mandapam on the north east corner of the temple complex which is now  in ruined condition.

This is the 16th Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai nadu  Appar and Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan      : Sri Vaaseeswarar, Sri Paachur Nathar
Iraivi         : Sri Thangathali ( Tham Kathali )
Sthala virksham : Bamboo

Some of the special features of the temple are ....
  1. The temple is facing east with a 3 tier rajagopuram on the south side.
  2. The moolavar was in a bamboo forest, when bamboo was cut by the hunters the vasi ( axe like tool to cut wood ) hit the moolavar. Still scar can be seen on side and top. Moolavar is of suyambu  theenda thirumeni on square aavudayar. ( some people said the moolavar is also in bamboo )
  3. There is no sannadhi in outer prakaram.
  4. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for Selva murugan,  Navagrahas, Somaskandhar, Vinayagars ( 5 in number ), Sabtha Kannigaikal, Naalvar.
  5. Urchava mootham for Chandrasekar, Sukravara Amman, Vinayagar, Shanmugar, Naalvar, Paachur Amman, Somaskandhar.
  6. In Koshtam Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, Durgai  
  7. Dwarabalakars are beautifull. ( Pictures are uploaded. )
  1. This temple is on the Chennai to Thirupathi bus route and 3 KM from Thiruvallur town.
  2. Town buses are available from Thiruvallur since the temple is on the highway. 
  3. Autos are available from Thiruvallur.
 East side entrance with dwajasthambam
 Raja gopuram ( South side ), Pali peedam with simha vahanam of  Ambal temple
 Ambal Sannadhi front view
 3 tier Rajagopuram on the south side
 Beautiful art in stone see the Chuzhiyam in the forehead and Simhmam on the head gear of Dwarabalakar
 Full view of dwarabalakar
 Sabtha Kannikaikal
 Gajabirusta vimanam
 Tamil inscription on the karuvarai wall
 Beautiful Brahma -  See the  hip belt with Simha face
 Vishnu Durgai - different from others. Chakra is in round only half is visible and other half in the behind stone. Please see the sari frills on both side of the hips.

 Ambal sannadhi Gopuram
The details of the temple are recorded in one of my earlier  post.  I had taken some  photos this time which are rare to see. We tried to read some of the Tamil inscriptions, but could not do so,  damaged due to  sand blasting during renovation.
Many  Pudai sirpam of Pallava period Pig, sword and half moon - As per historian  Muslims hate pigs - so Muslims will not destroy the temple
Seppu and brass moortham of Kottaiyur Muthukauupan Chttiar and Kamu ammal - Might have done Thiruppani  to this temple - Please see the turban of Chettiyar looks beautiful and looks like real.
 a mural at the entrance of moolavar sannadhi
 A statue kept in a  ventilator behind Saba mandapam. Is it Karaikkal Ammayar?. May not be since left leg is not folded
 Temple view from outer prakaram
 Entrance of  Shiva temple 

The Village Manavur was once a Manavur Kottam during Chozha period.
Manavur is very near to Thiruvalangadu, where we had the dharshan of Thiru Nandheeswarar. There was story for the construction of Rajagopuram. When they tried to construct the Rajagopuram and do the Kumbabhishekam, faced lot of problems and work was moving in a snail space. After prasannam they came to know that the delay was due to neglect of Ganapathy temple in front of Rajagopuram. After kumbabishekam was performed to Rajaganapathy, they could able to construct the Rajagopuram with out any hurdle.

Iraivan: Sri Nadheeswarar
Iraivi   : Sri Anandhavalli.

Some of the details of this temple are ....
  1. Iraivan gave Thirumana kola dharshan to Agasthiyar.
  2. Iraivan gave moksham to Nandhi bhagavan.
  3. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Mukkan Vinayagar, Pragadheeswarar and Nagars.
  4. In the inner prakaram sannadhi for An ammbal, Vinayagar, Ashta Lakshmi, Sandikeswarar, Sri Valli Devasena samedha Subramaniyar and Bairavar,
  5. In koshtamVinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, and Vishnu Durgai.
  6. The temple is of 4th century. There is a valampuri Vinayagar on the left side of Karuvarai. The Pillayar belongs to Pallava period ( Very much similar to Pillayarpatti Vinayagar. ).
  7. Ambal is facing south in standing posture.
  8. There is a saying about the temple ie Aadiyathu Aalangattil, Amarnthathu Thiruvuralil and Manthathu Manavuril.( ஆடியது ஆலங்காட்டில், அமர்ந்தது திருவூரலில், மணந்தது மணவூரில்
  9. Kumbhabishekam was performed on 25-03-2012.
  1. T2 bus is available from Thiruvallur to Thiruvalangadu via Manavur ( Daily two trip only )
  2. Manavur rly station is very near to the village on the Chennai to Arakkonam route.
  1. The temple is open between 08.00 Hrs to 12.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.00 Hrs.
  2. For pooja and details can be obtained from Mr Srinivasan at 8012247358 and 8098795873.
 Entrance of Main shrine from south side
 Moolavar vimanam
 The newly built 5 tier Rajagopuram
 Temple view from back side
 Temple view from Dwajasthambam
 Old Nandhi vahanam - may be 200 years old. 

After Lunch at temple we had been to a ruined temple out side village. Trees are found grown on the temple. ( Where it will get water  during non rainy season  ? ) Vinayagar sannadhi is little away from main shrine.

Iraivan: Sri Karkaatteeswarar
Iraivi:    Sri Kamakshi

Some of the details are ....
  1. Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Sandikeswarar and Ambal
  2. Kanchi Periyavar once stayed in the temple, when he was on tour.
  3. This temple is for the KDAKA rasi temple, They can perform the parikaram in this temple.
  4. Iraivan gave moksham to nandu ( crab )
Devotees are requested for the reconstruction of this temple. Donations may please be sent to Mr Srinivasan at 8012247358 and 8098795873 and get the blessings of Lord Shiva karkaatteeswrar.

 Temple from a distance - looks the trees are not on the temple.
 Closer look -  yes the trees are grown on the  temple itself
 Moolavar and inside is intact
 see the roots of banyan tree - goes up to the base.
 Ambal Sannadhi - inside looks fine only the outer wall damaged
 Old damaged well - Abishekam might have done using this well water
 Pudai sirpam of Vinayagar
 The damaged outer wall of the main shrine
 Damaged outer wall of main shrine - pudai sirpams
  Damaged outer wall of main shrine - pudai sirpams 

Once again we came to Manavur and went to Kandasamy temple. The vahanam of this temple is Elephant. The archakar told that the temple was constructed before sura samharam period. The pecock vahanam has come after sura samharam. The moolavar is beautifull. This Kandhan gives ganam.  There is no sannadhi for Sri Valli and Devasena. Old Tamil inscriptions are found on the base of the temple. As per historians the temple was built during Pallava Period.

 Elephant as vahanam
Moolavar vimanam 
Also we worshipped Sri Veeraragava Perumal with Sridevi and Boodevi on both sides. All are in sitting posture. This temple was also an old one.

Sri Veeraragava Perumal with Sridevi and Boodevi 


On the way to Chennai after Manavur we decided to see the Shiva temples and the memorial of vellalars who ends their life for a Marchant by jumping in to fire. First we went to a Shiva temple which was little away from the village in the midst of field.

Iraivan: Sri Kailasanathar
Iraivi   : Sri Parvatha varthini

Moolavar is of suyambu. Also there is a Shiva Lingam in the Artha mandapam. Sannadhi for Ganapathy and Subramaniyar. Earlier period tamil inscriptions are found at the base on the temple.  It was sad to see a inscription tablet is being used for the well water spout.



Inside the Village there is another important ancient ( belongs to Pallava Period ) Shiva temple which has its own history. It is believed that Lord Shiva called Karaikkal ammayar  as mother ( Ammaye ) and hugged her. Karaikkal Ammayar went to the Shiva Temple of Thiruvalangadu through her hands from this temple, since  the pebble stones on the way resembles as Shiva Lingam. Also another important feature of this temple is Naalvar has sung hymns on Thiruvalangadu Shiva from this temple without going there.

Iraivan: Sri Thazhuvakozhuntheesar
Iraivi:    Sri Anantha Valli.

In artha mandapam Nallvar, Ganapathy and urchava moorthangal are there. In the outer prakaram  sannadhi for Vijayaragava Perumal  Subramaniyar and Sandikeswarar. In Koshtam Durgai, Brahma, Vishnu in place of Lingothbavar and Dhakshinamoorthy. The temple is facing west with out Rajagopuram.
 Entrance of the main shrine - with sudhai sirpam  of Thiruvalangadu Nadanam 
 Nandhi manndapam with Pali peedam 
 Moolavar vimanam 
 Entance mandapam arch 
We had also seen the memorial constructed for the 70 vellaras who ends their life by jumping in to fire. The story behind that was the vellalars promised in front of Lord Shiva Sri Sakshi Bootheswarar temple  to save the life of the merchant from Neeli, a ghost, but could not do so. The Neeli killed the merchant. So they ends their life. It is believed that this incident happened approximately 2500 years before.  In side the pit pudai sirpans are found around the wall. 
 Sthala varalaru
 Sakshi Bootheswarar temple 
 Pudai sirpangal around the inner wall
 Sudhai sirpam of Vellalar entering in to the fire 
A memorial mandapam for the 70 vellalars jumped in to the fire to ends their life. 



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