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08, October 2012
DAY-1. 06-10-2012. SATURDAY.

With the blessing of Lord Shiva I was able to cross 200 ( Actually 213 ) Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalangal in this yathra. Hence this  is a special yathra for me. I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to Mr Muthuarunachalam, one of my friend who helped me for the night stay at Vaitheeswaran Koil. Really I am lucky to cross the 200 Paadal Petra Shiva Temples. And also I extend my thanks to the Gurukal and Meikavalar for opening the shrine  for my dharshan.

On 05th Friday started my yathra from Chennai Koyambedu bus stand. Since I could not get direct bus to Vaitheeswaran Koil, taken the bus to Kumbakonam ( The relation between Kumbakonam and me has come to an end ). From there  reached Vaitheeswaran Koil via  Mayiladuthurai. Since the planned Shiva temples are 2 to 3 KM away from the main roads,  so  hired an auto for this 1 ½  day yathra.

My first temple dharshan was at  THIRUNINRIYUR. The temple was just opened and had the dharshan  of Sri Mahalakshmeesar. Then went to THIRUKKANNAR KOIL ( Kurumanakkudi ), THIRUKALIKKAMOOR ( Annappan Petai ) and to THIRUVENGAADU. There are lot of crowd in the Thiruvenkadu temple, since this is one of the Navagraha stahalam ( Pudhan ). Then went to the temples KEEZHAI THIRUKKAATTUPALLI ( AAranyeswarar Koil), THIRUCHAAIKAADU (Chayavanam) and THIRUPAALAVANEECHURAM ( POOMPUHAR). The last two temples are on the main road on the way to Poompuhar.  

Our next visit was to the Temple THIRUVALAMPURAM ( Melaperumpallam ) via Keezhaperumpallam ( this is also one of the Navagraha sthalam and not the Paadal Petra shiva Sthalam. Worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple also ). Then had the dharshan at the temple THIRUTHALACHANGADU ( This is the native place of our friend Mr Radhakrishanan  who  guided me to reach the temple and  Gurukkal ) 

It was around 13.00 hrs when we complete our dharshan in the above temples. Since there is no hotels available in the villages, we have planned to reach Chembonarkoil, for lunch.  The Temples at  THIRUNANIPALLI ( Punjai ) and THIRUKADAIMUDI (KEEZHAYUR ) are on the way to Chembanar Koil, so we tried our luck. In both the temples Gurukkal opened the shrine and we had a good dharshan of Lord Shiva.

After our lunch we had the dharshan at CHEMPONAR KOIL  and AAKKUR. These two places are in the different  bus routes. When we complete our dharshan at the above temples the time was around 17.30 Hrs and  we have travelled too far from Vaideeswaran Koil. So we decided to return back  and the driver dropped me near the Thirukkulam entrance on the southern side. Had the dhrshan of  Sri Vaithyanathaswamy at VAIDHEESWARAN KOIL and I closed my Day-1’s dharshan.

DAY-2. 07-10-2012. SUNDAY

For the second day, planned  my yathra on the west side of Vaidheeswaran Koil. The temples are on the north and south side of the main road leading to Thirupananthal. I started my dharshan  from THIRUPUNKOOR.  ( On the way driver showed me an old temple under reconstruction  and said it is the Aadhi Vaidheeswarar Temple). The temple was just opened. I interacted the devotees who came from ERODE. I was little happy to see the people from my native district, who came to this temple and also prayed for the rain in Erode area. Then  I went to THIRUKARUPPARIYALOOR  ( THALAI NAYIRU). Really I was sad to see the condition of the temple. ( Rajagopuram may fell at any time. When Lord Shiva will give instruction for reconstruction, to whom?).

Then I  went to the  temples THIRU KURAKUKKA, THIRUVAALKOLIPUTHUR, (Thiruvalapputhur), PAZHAMANNIPPADIKKARAI (Iluppaipattu) and PANDHANAINALLUR ( Pandhanallur). In Pandhanallur lot of people throng this temple to have the dharshan of Kottai Muneeswarar in the rajagopuram entrance. ( If any body worships Kottai Muneeswarar will get relief  from Pilli Sunyam, eval etc. ) After completing dharshan at Pandhanallur around 12.15 Hrs, I tried my luck to have a dharshan of Sri Mayuranathar at Mayiladuthurai. ( I was little greedy to increase my score of Paadal Petra Shiva sthalangal ).  To my disappointment the temple was just closed after Uchi kaal pooja and I could see the devotees are coming out of the temple through a small door of the main door.  ( It shows that Lord Shiva asked me to come next time ). After lunch, the auto driver dropped me at Mayiladuthurai bus stand, to catch bus to Chennai. Returned to Chennai around 21.00 Hrs.



This is the 73rd Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 19th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Mahalakshmeesar, Sri Lakshmipureeswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Loganayagi.

Some of  the important features are as follows.
  1. Moolavar is little taller and there is a ‘kuzhi’ on the top.
  2. The temple was built by Ko Chenkat Chozhan and latter lot of works has been  done by Chettiyars.
  3. There is no kodimaram.
  4. Sannadhi for Selva pillayar, Lingam worshiped by Parasuramar, Subramaniyar, Naalvar, Mahalakshmi, Navagrahas, Bairavar, Suryan, Chandran.

  1. The temple is on the bus route Vaitheeswaran Koil to Mayiladuthurai and 8 Km from  Vaitheeswaran Koil.
  1. Mobile number is : 94861 41430
( Temple view from entrance )
( Moolavar vimanam with Dhakshinamoorthy sannadhi )
( Nandhi mandapam with pali pedam )
 ( Rajagopuram )

71/17. THIRUKKANNAAR KOIL. ( Now this place is called as Kurumanakkudi ).

This is the 71st Devaram Paadal petra Shiva Sthalam and 17th sthalam on the north side of Rivar cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Kannayirammudayar, Sri Kannayiranathar, Sri Sahasranetheswarar.
Iraivi   : Sri Muruguvalarkothai, Sri Sukunthakunthalambigai.

Some of the features of this temple are ….
  1. In the entrance arch Rishabaroodar, Vinayagar, Valli deivayanai samedha  Subramaniyar in sudhai sirpam.
  2. Sannadhi for Sidhi vinayagar, Naalvar, Kanni Vinayagar, Gajalakshmi in place of Aarumugam, Bairavar, Sanibhagavan, Chandran.
  3. In koshtam Narthana Vinayagar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbhavar, Brahma, Durgai, Sandeswarar.
  4. In front entrance sannadhi for Kudavarai Vinayagar, Bala Dhandayuthapani.

  1. On the bus route Vaitheeswaran koil to Mayiladuthurai get down at Pagasalai, from there temple is 3 KM.
  1.  Mobile number is : 9442258085

                                                 ( Natarajar Saba Beautifully maintained )
( Only entrance arch with out rajagopuram )

62/8. THIRU KALIKKAMOOR. ( This place is now called as Annappan Pettai)

This is the 62nd Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam  and 8th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Sundareswarar
Iraivi   : Sri Sundarambal, Sri Azhagammai.

Some of the features of this temple are..
  1. In rakarm sannadhi for Vinayagar, Subramaniayar, Vilvanathar, Akilandeswari, Mahalakshmi.
  2. Silaroopam of Saneeswarar, Kailasanathar, Parasarar, Pathrakali,.
  3. Moolavar is little short on a square peedam.

  1. On the bus route Thiruvengadu to Seerkazhi , get down at Mangaimadam, from there take the road to Thirunagar and on the way to Konayampattinam.
  2. Town bus from Sirkazhi to Konayampattinam  bus runs via Annappan pettai.

( Another view of Temple complex )
( View of Temple complex )
( Entrance to the maha mandapam )


This is the 65th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 11th sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple. 

Iraivan: Sri Suvedharanyeswarar, Sri Venkattunathar
Iraivi   : Sri Brahmavidhyanayagi

Some of the features of this temple are as follows.
  1. Indiran and White elephant worshiped lord Shiva of this temple.
  2. This is the birth place of Meikanda Nayanar.
  3. The temple is big and the village is small.
  4. The special is Three Moolavars, Three Ambals, Three Sthala trees and three Theerthangal.
  5. This is the Pudhan one of the Navagraga Sthalam.
  6. Ambal is in a separate temple.
  7. The Vilav tree is without throns.
  8. Special Moortham is Agora Moorthy with 8 hands.
  9. The temple pooja is similar to Thillai ( Chidambaram ) for spadika Lingam and there is Chidambara Rakashiyam also.
  10. Moolavar is little taller.
  11. Dhakshinamoorthy is Metha Dhakshinamoorthy.
  12. Sila roopam  for 63 nayanmars both in metal and stone in two rows.

  1. The this temple Village Thiruvengadu is on the bus route Mayiladuthurai to Mangaimadam.
  1. Land line number is 04364 - 256 424
( Moolavar Vimanam )
( Agora moorthy  in a separate sannadhi )
( Constructed  similar to Thillai temple )
( Out side entrance to Ambal temple )
( Inner view of the temple along with Vinayagar Palipeedam and kodimaram)
( Rajagopuram )

66/ 12. KEEZHAI THIRUKATTUPALLI. ( This place is also called as Aaranyeswarar Koil )
This is the 66th Devara Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam and 12th Sthalam on the north side of river Cauvery in Chozha Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Aaranya Sundareswarar
Iraivi   : Sri Akilandanayagi

Some of the features of this temple are as follows.
  1. Sannadhi for Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, Bairavar, Suryan.
  2. Nandu worshiped Vinayagar.
  3. The temple is facing west.
  4. In koshtam King worshiping Lord shiva.
  5. There is no Rajagopuram.

  1. In between Thiruvengadu to Mothukulapuram and 1.5 Km from  from Thiruvengadu.
  2. Near Alli Valakam on the bus route Seerkazhi to Tharangambadi.

  1. Mobile and land line numbers are : 94439 85770, 04364 - 256 273. 

 (Temple complex view - No kodimaram )
( Moolavar Vimanam )
( The king worshiping Lord Shiva - May be Chengot Chozhan - But this is not a Maada Koil )



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