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30, September 2012.

This is the 276th Devaram Padal Petra Shiva Sthalam at Kiliyannavur ( Now this place is called as Kiliyanur, in the Viluppuram dist, Tamil Nadu) in Thondai Nadu. Thiruganasambandar has sung hymns in praise of Lord Shiva of this temple.

Iraivan : Sri Agastheewarar
Iraivi    : Sri Akilandeswari
Sthala Viruksham : Vanni.
Theertham : Agni.

Some of the important features of this temple are as follows.

  1. Moolavar was installed by Agasthiyar and worshiped by Sukar, Aadhisheshan, Kalava Maharishisheshan. The moolavar looks rich with naagabaranam.
  2. Ambal looks cute and beautiful,  in a separate sannadhi facing east at the south side entrance of Maha mandapam. The Ambal in standing posture with hands in abaya and vara hastha mudhra. The nandhi opposite to Ambal is little lower than the ground level. It is believed that Nandhi Devar is worshiping Ambal during Maha Shiva Rathri.
  3. The west arch place is used as vahana mandapam.
  4. Separate sanndhi for MahaVinayagar, Agasthiyar, Gajalakshmi, Valli devasena samedha Aarumugasamy, iKrotha bairavar, Kaala Bairavar, Navagrahas, Suryan and Chandran.
  5. In koshtam, Pitchandavar, Dhakshinamoorthy, Mahavishnu ( in Lingothbavar’s place), Brahma and Durgai.
  6. At the entrance of moolavar, sila roopam for Dwarabalakars ( with out thandam/kathai and roud ring / thodu in ears ), Vinayagar on the left and Thandayuthapani on the right.
  7. It was told that Urchavars are kept in the village for safety reasons ( It was taken away by the thieves and latter the same was recovered).
  8. Old Tamil inscriptions are found through out the wall of karuvarai. Most of them has no continuity. Some of the portions were damaged  during renovations. It is believed that the temple exists more than 1200 years. Once it was a brick temple latter the same was re-constructed with stone. The message of the inscriptions is mainly about the donations made  for conducting the regular pooja and burning of Nandha Deepam in front of moolavar.
  9. There is no kodimaram and Rajagopuram.
  1. The village Kiliyanur is on the Tindivanam to Pondycheri bus route and 18 KM from  Tindivanam. The Temple is on the bus route Brammadesam main road within the village about a km from Kiliyanur bus stand.
  1. For dharshan  P. Harihara Gurukkal may be contacted through his mobile 9976440754.
 (East side entrance arch )

 (Moolavar Vimanam )
 ( Nandhi on west side looking moolavar through jolly work on stone )
 ( Maha Vinayagar Sannadhi - At the back Ambal sannadhi  facing east )
( Maha mandapam with entrance to the arthamandapam from  South )


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