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27th July 2017.
After our visit to Namakkal Fort, had our lunch at a hotel near Bus stand. The next destination was to Srinivasanallur to see Sri Kurangunathar Temple, which is about 40 KM  from Namakkal. When we tried to hire a Taxi, they demanded Rs 1500, which is exorbitant. So decided to go by bus. Went by bus up to Thottiyam and hired an auto with two drivers. The auto also had a break down before 3 KM of Srinivasanallur. To our luck the second auto driver managed to get an another auto from Thottiyam and reached our destination. The entrance grill gate was kept opened but the door was closed.

The temple was constructed during 9th century, Paranthaka Chola Period. As per the inscriptions Iraivan is called as "Kurukkuthurai Perumanadikal". Up to roof level the temple was constructed with stone and the super structure was constructed with brick. Earlier this temple was a brick temple and Aditya Chola tried to convert in to a stone Temple, but he could not do so. His son Paranthaka Chola had completed the same.

The athitanam has the yazhi line. In the niches Dhakshinnamurthy, Lady statues, Brahma,  a semi finished Dhakshinamurthy. The west side niche was empty, might have Vishnu since the varaha is there in the Chitra thorana. There is also a Chitra thorana above south side Dhakshinamurthy. Both the chitra thoranas are the master pieces of the sculptor. The Chitra Thorana contains, dwarfs and the their expressions, Yazhi, warriors on lion, horse are excellent.

In Dhakshinamuthy panel, while the Rishi’s and dwarfs are listening to Lord Shiva, a cat is also hearing by raising it’s ears. The miniature sculptures in side the mouth of yazhi looks very very beautiful.  Most of the sculptures are vandalised.

We wounded up our Heritage visit around 18.00 hrs after visiting Sri Ranganathar Rock cut cave Temple, which was written separately.


Monkey, Snake, Rudraksha mala, cloth, Pokknam ( the bag contains the sacred ash ) on the Kallala tree is clearly carved


 Lord Shiva 
 Dancer and the musician 

Gajasamkaramurthy, See Parvati is watching and Subramaniyar is on her hip

 Dwarf in the mouth of Yazhi

 warrior  in the mouth of Yazhi
 Beautiful yazhi row with human heads 

Beautiful yazhi row 

 Chitra Thoranam above Dhakshinamurthy 

 Chitra Thoranam above Vishnu ( Vishnu statue is missing ) 

The 9th century chola  inscriptions, in which iraivan is called as kurukkuthurai PerumanadikaL.


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