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27th July 2017.
After our dharshan of Sri Narasimha Swamy, Mrs Sakthi Prakash and Srinivasan started climbing up to the fort. The hill is of single rock with out any trees. There are many stories connected to this hill with Sri Anjaneyar. The Kamalalayam tank with mandapam is at the foot hills.  It was little difficult to climb up under the scorching sun. Hand rails are provided by ASI for easy climbing of 300 and odd steps. The hill is about 75 meters ( 246 feet ) high.

The fort is built on the top of the  hill with a single entrance faces east on the south side. The fort was built by Senthamangalam Palayakarar Ramachandra Nayakar, a Vijayanagara chieftan who ruled Namakkal during 17th century. It is believed that Tippu sultan was holding the fort for some period and hid in this fort, to escape from British. Latter the Fort came under the control of British.

The entrance was constructed in such a way that the enemy cannot have direct access from the south. A continuous wall is constructed around the top of the hill  with granite stones and the top arches are built with brick and mortar. Holes are provided on the arches to shoot the enemies from top. There are provisions made to keep the cannons at the entrance. Artificial ponds were created to store water. In the fort, the structures remaining are, an east facing 13th century Sundara Pandiyan Period Narashima temple ( inscriptions speaks about the land donation )  with a Deepa stambam, ammunition go-down guarded by the boulders kept of east side, a mosque and two nos of dilapidated brick masonry buildings ( grain storage go-downs). The Narasimha temple without Vimana is still in worship with oru kala pooja. The donation of land inscription is found on the Narasimhar temple base.


The inscription on the Narasimha Swamy’s Temple base speaks about the land donation

 ammunition go-down 
 ammunition go-down guarded by the boulders kept of east side
 dilapidated brick masonry buildings
Holes are provided on the arches to shoot the enemies from top.

---OM SHIVAYA NAMA---       

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