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From Padiagragaram we proceed towards Thorapadi. Stopped the vans at the beginning of the Village Thorapadi and walked for about 500 meters to the Nondi Vediappan Temple, since the concrete road was used to dry the paddy. Two hero stones are erected in east- west direction, facing each other.  The Nondi Vediappan temple is open to sky under a 200 to 300 years old tamarind tree. Both the hero stones are under worship. The west facing Hero stone was cleaned and vibhuthi was applied for reading the inscriptions.

Already the Villagers are fighting for the Govt’s. 8 lane road project and our actions triggered further. Nondi Vediappam came on a lady and a man. Both were running towards the temple with one leg   ( Nondi ) and told, if anything done to the hero stones, that person’s hands and legs will break. It was frightening. After taking the photographs, we moved quietly.


The Hero is in a standing position and his head turned towards left with typical Pallava hair style. The ears are elongated. The hero holds a sword in his right hand a shield in left hand.. A half dress is shown  with a katar tied on the hip. A simizhl is shown on the back of Hero.

Vattezhuthu inscriptions are inscribed on the top portion of the hero stone.  As per the inscription this hero stone belongs to 7th Century Narasimhavarman-I’s 12th year rule. Kongani king’s son Vaa…cahan was attacked by Siriganga king. In that war Siriganga king’s soldier Kotravinarra Kundranar was killed. The inscriptions reads as….
  1. கோவியைய நரைசிங்க பருமற்கு யாண்டு (பன்)
  2. னிரண்டாவது கொங்கணி அரசர் மகன் வா…
  3. ச்சன் மேற்சென்று சிரிகங்கரைசர் செ…
  4. வோர் எறிந்த ஞான்று பட்டார் சிரிகங்கரைசர் சேவ
  5. கர் கொற்றவிணற்ற குன்றனார் கல்.

In this hero stone, the hero’s head turned towards left side with a typical pallava hair style. The hero holds a straight sword in his right hand and shield in left hand. Simizhl and kendy are shown on both sides of the Hero. A half dress is shown from Hip to knee of the hero. The excess cloth of after the knot is shown like waving in the wind. This expresses the moving speed of the  Hero towards his opponent. Two thoranas are also shown above the hero’s head which signifies that the hero must have hold a higher position.

Tamil Vattezhuththu inscriptions are inscribed on the left side of the Hero’s image. As per the inscription, the hero stone was erected during 6th Century, Pallava King Mehendravarman’s 10th year rule. When Ganga king’s sons Ponnanthiyaar declared war against  Perumukai, Ganga King’s Soldier / Chieftain  Kundrakkanniyar, who ruled Raatroor was killed. The inscriptions reads as…
  1. கோவிசைய மயேந்திர
  2. பருமற்கு (பத்து) ஆவதுக
  3. ங்கரைசரோடு புறத்து கங்
  4. கரைசரு மக்கல் பொன்
  5. னந்தியாரு பெருமுகை
  6. எறிந்த ஞான்று கங்க
  7. ரைசரு சேவகரு எறிந்து
  8. பட்டாரு ராராற்றூ ஆண்ட
  9. குன்றக்கண்ணியார்
  10. கல்
( பத்து என்பதை றண்ணு என்றும் புறத்து என்பதை பவ்வது என்றும் சில ஆய்வாளர்கள் படிக்கின்றனர் ).


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