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Sri Azhagiya Lakshmi Narasinga Perumal Temple, Ennayiram in Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu.

11th November 2018.
Visit to this temple was a part of  epigraphy study in the temples of Ennayiram, Esalam  and Brahmadesam. This tour organized by R.E.A.C.H foundation on 11th November 2018. Thanks to Mr.Sathyamurthy, Mr.Ramachandran, Mr.Vakula Varadharajan, Mr.Chandru and Mr.Ramnath for organizing such a educative and information tour.

Moolavar : Sri Azhakiya Lakshmi Narasinga Perumal
Thayar    : Sri Mahalakshmi

Some of the important features of this temple are….
The temple is facing east with a balipeedam and an empty mandapam. In the sanctum Sri Azhagiya Lakshmi Narasingar and Mahalakshmi is sitting of the  left lap in thirumana ( marriage ) posture. In front of Lakshmi Narasingar Sridevi & Bhudevi samedha Sri Vaikundha Perumal. In the artha mandapam Lakshmi Varaha. Varahar’s face turned to left and narrates the Varaha purana to Mahalakshmi.  Originally Sri Vaikunta Perumal and  Sri Lakshmi Varahar are in the first and second tiers of the Vimana. In addition to this Chathurbhuja Venugopalan, Ramanujar and Alwars are in the mandapam. There is no separate sannadhi for Thayar.

The temple consists of sanctum sanctorum, antarala, artha mandapam, Maha mandapam and a Mukka mandapam. The sanctum sanctorum is constructed in an elevated level with Upanam and Padma bandha adhistanam. In mandaapam one of the pillars is of Pallava period Squatting lion Pillar.
The lion in the pillar also converted to Vaishnavam....?

Rajaraja Chozha reconstructed this temple. Chozha period inscriptions are found in adhistanam and mandapam. The inscriptions mainly speaks about donations given to the temple. As per the inscriptions  about 240 acres of land was  donated to this temple and now it has only 31 acres in records. A portion of the income was deposited in the HR&CE and nothing comes to this temple directly. The temple is under the control of Archaeological Survey of India ( ASI) and the renovation is in progress.

It was told that there were 4 Shiva Temples constructed keeping this Lakshmi Narasingar temple at the Centre. Hence this place is called as pancha sthalam. Ramanujar defeated 8000 Samanars ( Jains ) in a debate and converted them in to Vaishnavam or Ashta Sahasra Brahmins. This is the birthplace of Kalameka poet.

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 hrs  to 10.00 hrs and 17.30 Hrs to 19.30 Hrs.

Bhattar  Sri u. ve. Maalolan  may be contacted on his mobile +918940432746 for further details.

About 7 KM from Nemur on Villupuram  to Gingee ( Senji )
About 8 KM from Perani on the above bus route.
Nearest railway station is Perani, Villupuram & Tindivanam.



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