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14,October 2012
On 13th October 2012, I went to Thirvalangadu, one of the Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai Nadu. Even though I had been to Thiruvalangadu no of times this visit is a special to me. The day was a Saturday and also a Prathosham day ( Sani Prodhosam is a special one). I was fortunate enough to have the dharshan  of Shiva  on this sani prothosham day. I was there till the completion of abhishekam to Nandhi Devar  ( 16.30 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs). I went to the temple around  15.00 Hrs and taken the details of the temple. During that time there was not enough light in the prakarams. During abhishekam the lights were switched on through diesel genset. At the back of Natarajar saba ( Karaikkaal Ammayar's Jeeva Samadhi). I had done the meditation. During meditation I could feel the vibration, and it was thrilling experience for me. I thought of visiting this temple once again, if Lord shiva permits me to go there. Some of the pictures taken during this visit are up loaded in this post.


This is the 15th Devaram Paadal Petra Shiva Sthalam in Thondai nadu. Moovar has sung hymns in praise of Lord shiva of this temple.

Iraivan: Sri Vadaaranyeswarar, Sri Devar Singa Peruman,                                                   Sri Aalangttu Nathar.
Iraivi   : Sri Vandaar Kuzhali Amman, Sri Brammarambal.

Some of the important features of this temple are as follows.
  1. Kaarkodagan, Sunantha Munivar worshiped lord Shiva of this temple.
  2. There is a 16 Pillar mandapam in front of the temple.
  3. In the front entrance arch sudhai sirpam  of Sri Varasidhi Vinayagar, Sri Oorthavathandava moorthy,  Sri Rishabaroodar, Sri Murugan, Sri Kaali to be seen.
  4. There is a 100 pillar mandapam after the front entrance.
  5. Rajagopuram is of  5 tiers. On the left side, sannadhi for Vinayagar and Valli Devasena sametha Arumugam sannadhi on the right.
  6. When we further enter there are two mandapams, one is Dhuvajarogana mandapam ( Kodiyetra mandapam )  and the other is Sukravara Mandapam.
  7. Nandhi is in a small mandapam, Kodimaram and Pali pedam.
  8. Inner Gopuram is of 3 tiers. Sudhai sirpam of Iraivan's Oorthava Thandavam, Nandhidevar is playing miruthangam/mathalam, Karaikkal Ammayar in singing Posture, Gajasamkaramoorthy  are to be watched.
  9. On the right side, Iraivan’s  thirukalyanakolam, and on the left the story of Karaikaal Ammayar in sudhai sirpam.
  10. When we proceed further at the entrance,  Sudhai sirpam of Pancha Sabai  in which Thiruvalangadu – Rathna sabai is at the center.  The other four are, on the left 5. Thirukkutralam – Chitra sabai, 3. Madurai – Velli ( Silver ) sabai and on the right 2. Chidambaram – Por sabai ( Gold), 4. Thirunelveli- Thamira sabai, to be watched.
  11. 11.In Natarajar Saba – Shiva's Oorthava dhandavam, Ambal and Karaikkal Ammayar in sila roopam. Karaikkal Ammayar’s jeeva Samadhi is on the back of Natarajar Saba. Front entrance opposite to  Saba is not kept opened. Entrance is with dwarabalagars.
  12. In the inner prakaram sila roopam for, Sridevi, Boodevi Samedha Vijaragava Perumal, Agora Veerabathrar, Sri Valli Devasena sametha Shanmugar, Ganapathy, Sabtha maathakkal ( Brami, Maheswari, Kowmari, Vaishnavi, Varaaki, Indrani, Samundeeswari), Sastha, Thirunaavukkarasar, Sundaramoorthy, Thiruganasambandar, Manikkavasakar, Karaikkal Ammayar, Kaarkodagar, Moonjikesa Munivar, Pathanjali, Anandhan, Vaathavur adikal, Sandesa Anukgrakar, Sri Vandar Kuzhali Amman, Agastheeswarar, Nagarajar, Sarbarajar, Kailasa Nathar, Ramalingeswarar, Kamtchi Amman, Ekambaranathar, Vaalmeekesar, Kashi Viswanathar, Sahasrara Lingam, Thazhuvi Kuzhainthesar, Soundra Nayagi, Natarajar, Iyappan, Naagarajar, Maantheeswarar, Upathesa Dhakshinamoorthy, Suryan, Chandran, Adhikara nandhi.
  13. Separate sannadhi for Sri Valli Deivasena samedha  Shunmugar, Bairavar, Vinayagar, Subramaniyar, Sandikeswarar, Gajalakshmi and Bathrakali amman sannadhi is at the left side entrance of first prakaram.
  14. In Koshtam Narthana Ganapathy,  Dhakshinamoorthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma, Durgai.
  15. Ambal is in a separate temple with four hands abaya, vara hastham and lotus in two hands in standing posture.   
  16. Moolavar is under the rudraksha kudai, little large with beautifully decorated ( Archakar must be an artist ).
  17. Sthalaviruksham Aalamaram ( Banyan tree ) is in the outer prakaram with lot of prayer clothes.
  18. Kaali temple is out side the main temple facing north ( After defeated by Shiva through the Oorthava dhandavam, Kaali Stayed out side the temple)
  1. Town buses available from Chennai ( T Nagar, Broadway, Vadapalani ) to Thiruvallur ( Bus no 597 from T Nagar ).
  2. Buses also available from Koyambedu.
  3. From Thiruvallur  to Arakonam via Thiruvalangadu 105 C, T20, Srinivasa ( a Private bus).
  4. Share autos are also available from Narayanapuram Koot road on the Thiruthani bus route.
  5. Share autos are also available from Thiruvalangadu Railway station from temple entrance.
  1. The temple is kept open from morning 06.00 Hrs to night 20.00 Hrs without break and the Pooja timings are  07.30 Hrs, 11.00 Hrs, 16.30 Hrs & 19.30 Hrs. People used stay in mandapams even after pooja hours.t break.
  1. Thiruvalangadu Shiva temple Office Phone number is 044 27872074
  2. Subbu Iyar - Mobile number +91 9952230906 may be contacted for dharshan and details.
 ( Temple chariot is kept in this mandapam - the entrance view of the mandapam )
 ( 16 Pillar mandapam )
  ( Temple entrance arch )
  ( The 5 tier Rajagopuram )
  ( The 3 tier Rajagopuram after Nandhi and kodimaram )
 ( Temple complex view )
  ( Pancha sabai Sudhai sirpangal at the entrance of 2nd Prakaram )
 ( Sri Pathrakali Amman Temple )
 ( Entrance arch during night )
There is no good hotel for lunch/ meals in Thiruvalangadu and nearest place is Thiruvallur or Thiruthani.


  1. Was planning to take my mother and grandmother to this temple coming 27th Oct for Sani Pradosham.. thanks sir for the information!!!

  2. All the best. May Lord Shiva's blessings will be with you always.

  3. Thanks for the info on the phone numbers and temple timings. :)

  4. Also, this is the only place in Tamil Nadu where Mandhi Pariharam is done. Mandhi is probably the biggest villain in your horoscope. Pariharam should be done on saturdays, as Mandhi is the son of Sani. The gurukkal there do this. Inform them before hand. It costs Rs950.

    1. Thanks, I want Gurukkal Phone No. because coming saturday i will do Manthi Pariharam Pooja.. my mail id

    2. soban babu cell no: 9943164614

  5. Hi whom to be contacted for Mandhi pariharam? how it is done? any things that we have to bring? can you please explain in detail about mandhi pariharan done over there. Thanks.

    1. Since Navagrhas are not there in this temple, Parikaram is done for Maandheewarar, near Gajalakshmi in the prakaram. Maandheeswarar is believed to be the son of Sri Sani Bhagavan. The parikaram is done on Saturdays after 10.00 Hrs and atleast 40 peoples will be in a que, with a temple fee of Rs 750.00 and additional amount of Rs 300 to 500 to be given for Gurukkal. The phone number of the Gurukkal Subbu Iyer and Office are given in the post. You can directly contact Gurukkal Subbu Iyar or the temple office,

    2. sir really excellant information it was my long time wish to visit the temple, iam going for this sivarairi thank you god bless you sir

    3. veluchamy SIr..Thanks for the valuable information.

  6. Thanks venugopal sivanadiyarukku Siru Tondu
    Om Sivaya Nama

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  8. i tried for the temple phone numbers in various websites . all have given old invalid numbers . but u were spot on. called the office number and clarified my doubts .thank u sir. good job.

  9. Thanks goes to Lord Shiva...
    All the best

  10. V.Venkataraman, Chennai29 June 2014 at 06:25

    Excellent service. Whenever I visit this temple, I feel some vibration. I am not able to move away from the Nataraja Sannadhi. I feel that I am fortunate, I am blessed to be at the temple, where the great Lady, the wonderful Siva devotee, witnessed his Anandha Thandavam. Om Namasivaya!
    Venkataraman, Chennai

  11. Thanks Venkat for the info.
    OM Shivaya Nama:

  12. Thanks for all the valuable information provided. May the Lord bless you.

  13. for which horoscopes should one do the mandeswar parigaram

    1. Please consult your astrologer for mandeswar parikaram..
      Om shivaya nama...

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    1. Thanks karthik Arun for the comments...

    2. Thanks karthik Arun for the comments...

  15. Excellent information..thanks for the infor..Visit this blog..

  16. Dear devotees, manthreeswar Pooja can be performed only between 7.30 to 10am Saturdays

  17. Thanks for the information Dear,,,

  18. I heard that Thithi is doing for Parents in Thiruvalangadu temple is good.. Everything is available for Pooja is there or we need to bring from home

    1. Sorry I don't know sir ..please contact the temple fr more details....

    2. Hi velu sir. I have planned to visit the temple by next month. I have tried reaching the contact number given in website but cant reach. Please share the contact number to 9629877834. Thanks

    3. Hi velu sir. I have planned to visit temple on 25th March 2017. I have tried reaching the contact number abouve mentioned in website but can't be reach. Please share the contact number to 90940088444. Thanks

    4. This comment has been removed by the author.

    5. Sorry Mohan I do not have any other number, I will try to get some other number..

  19. வணக்கம் ! தங்களின் ஜாதக ரீதியா இருக்கும் , பிதுர் தோஷம் ( ராமேஸ்வரம் ,சேதுக்கரை - திருப்புல்லாணி ,தனுஷ் கோடி _ இரு கடல் சங்கமம் ,கொடுமுடி ) ஆகிய இடங்களிலும் முன்னோர்களுக்கு தெவசம் , தில ஹோமம், சாந்தி ஹோமம் ,அணைத்து பரிஹார பூஜை செய்து தருகின்றோம் மற்றும் வர இயலாதவர்க்கு தங்கள்
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  20. Thank you so much.. I called the office number... They responded very well.. Thanks for the phone number... It will be useful for others too..

    1. Thanks ma... all the best
      Om Shivaya nama

    2. Dear Sir, Can you please share the office phone number / Gurukal's phone number. We tried reaching the office phone number 044 2787 2074 for the past 2 days but we get a message saying number is not in use. Thanks

  21. Sorry that is the only phone number available with me and many people contacted the same.. sorry.. Lord Shiva will help you ..
    om Shivaya nama

    1. Thanks Sir for your reply. We want to do Mandeeswara pooja at the temple. Do you know if we have to book in advance or can we go straight to the temple in the morning and pay for the pooja there?

  22. Dear Sir/Madam, Can you please share the office phone number / Gurukal's phone number for Manthreeswar Pooja. We tried reaching the office phone number 044 2787 2074 for the past 2 months but we get a message saying number is not in use. Please share if anyone has the phone number. Please SMS to this number 9840581122. Thank you

  23. Hi I am Prabhu from Chennai, Planning to visit temple for mandheeswarar parihara Pooja. Trying to reach out to the contact number mentioned in the site, but it is not connecting. Anyone can help to get the number or directly can we go for Pooja. Any prior booking is required?
    Thanks in advance