Monday, 22 February 2016


23rd  February, 2016.
DAY -5, 06-02-2016.
We started our yathra from Shirdi to Panchavati. Nashik and Panchavati temple are very much related to Epic Ramayan. Especially the episode of Lakshmanan cut the nose of Surpanagai, the sister of Ravanan. Hence this place is called as Nashik ( In Sanskrit Nasi means – nose). Hired an auto  (  4 persons in an auto ) and  the autowala took us the sites related to Epic Ramayan.
The sites covered are…
SRI LAKSHMI NARAYAN TEMPLE and the temple has a kosalai and seems to be of recent century construction.

DHABOVAN. We had seen the sirpams of Lakshman cutting the nose of Surpanagai in stone as well as in sudhai.

RAMAR KUDIL. This site is believed that Ramar & Seetha stayed here. This is house like construction with mangalore tiles.
Parnasala- where Ravanan came as begger asking for picksha and took captivity of Seetha.

PARNA SALA :- where Ravanan came as begger asking for picksha and took captivity of Seetha.

HANUMAN TEMPLE–  The moolavar Anjaneyar is more than 8 feet and swayambhu. It was told that the moorty is of 5000 years old.\

PANCHAVATI – 5 banyan trees with a cave shrine for seetha. It was believed that Seetha stayed in this cave for day during their exile /vanavasam.

PANCHAVATI BLACK RAMAR TEMPLE. The temple was constructed in a grand manner with excellent architecture and looks beautiful. It was believed that Ramar’s colour was changed to black due to curse. The moolavr Ramar, Seetha and Lakshman are in black sand and Swayambhu.  The temple has sanctum, Arthamandapam and a mandapam.  The temple has sannadhi for Ganesh, Shiva. Ramar lived here for about 2.5 years during his exile of 14 years.  The King Chatrabathi Shivaji Maharaj visited daily to this temple during his reign 1620 to 1632. The first wooden temple was reconstructed during 15th century. Latter the Temple was reconstructed by late Sri Sardar Rangarao odhekar, under the consultation of Late Sawaee Madhavrao Peshwa  during 1792 at a cost of Rs 23 Lakhs.  The temple is  kept open for dharshan between 05.00 Hrs to 22.00 Hrs.

KAPALEEWARAR TEMPLE – The temple dedicated to Lord Shiva without Nandhi and it was believed that Nandhi is Guru for Shiva, hence Nandhi is not sitting in front.

RAM KUND - This is one of the Kumbh mela sthalam in India. It is a Thiriveni sangama place as River Godhavari + River Aruna + River varuna joined in this place. Sri Ramar had taken bath in the thiriveni Sangamam. It is believed that past sins will get washed away if we take a holy dip in this thiriveni sangamam.


……. To be continued