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15th February 2016
The visit to the Salar Jung museum was made before boarding Train to Chennai, after completing our Yathra to Jothir Linga Temples of Maharastra and Andhra Pradesh. I tried to visit all the displays but could not do so, due to want of time and tired.

The museum was established in the year 1951 and managed by the Salar Jung Board under the ‘Salar Jung Act-1961’.It is a rare repository of rare objects from nearly allover the world, right from Europe to Far Eastern nations of Asia. It was initially housed in the ‘Diwan Deodhi’ and latter shifted to this building during 1968, on the bank of the river Musi.
The museum housed in central, Western and Eastern blocks on either side of building. The Western block was named after Nawab Mir Turab Ali Khan ’Mukhtar-ul-Mulk, Salar Jung -I, Mir Ali Khan Bhavan and the Eastern block was name after his son Nawab Mir LaiqAli Khan, ‘Imad-ul-sultanat’, Salar Jung II, Mir Laiq Ali Khan Bhavan.
The collections are the art and antiques of European, Middle eastern and far eastern and far eastern origin apart from the chronicles of the rich Mughal dynasty and the rule of Nizams. Mawab Mir Yousuf Ali Khan, Salar Jung – III, the last patron of the family is responsible for the maximum collection, conservation and preservation. 
The Museum displays includes the Toys, Paintings, Pictures, Sculptures/ Statues made of Stone, Bronze, wood ( some God statues are from Tamil Nadu, Southern Part of India ), Arms and Armours , metal, Glass, Porcelain wares, Glass & Crystal Light chandliers, weapons, walking sticks, Watches 7 grand father clocks, Textiles, Furniture, etc. etc….
NOTE : FRIDAY is a holiday for the museum and entry ticket is Rs 5 and for Camera/ mobile Rs 50.

 A Ravivarma painting 

 A wooden statue - a man on front side and woman on the back 


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  1. Nice pictures of Salar Jung Museum. Thank you for the informative post. The museum enriches the visitors with treasures of art and literature. It has abundance of treasures of the Nizams. Visitors should know the Salar Jung museum timings before planning a visit.