Tuesday, 2 August 2016


2nd, August 2016.
This Sankagiri Fort a Heritage  walk,  rather I would like to call this as Sankagiri Trekking,  since most of the journey  was  by trekking to an altitude of 2000 feet. This walk was organized by the young , energetic and his tory enthusiastic   Mr Aaragalur Venkatesan,  Mr Kalai selan, Mr Srinivasan,  Mr   a.t. Mohan   of Salem district History search Group. The Local enthusiastic  leaders of various organizations also joined with us for this Heritage walk as sponsors. Maram Palinaisamy’s work is beyond words to comment.   Particularly Rotarian Mr Venkateswara Guptha’s  participation is commendable.   Normally   thanks  will be mentioned at the end of any article, but I would like to mention at the beginning of this article. Hence  I extend my sincere thanks to  the sponsors of this program through, food & water, Organizers and the  80 and odd co- participants from the age  group of 6 to 80, who made this event a successful one. 

When this scheduled event on 31st July 2016, was notified in the face book, immediately  registered myself as a  participant and eagerly waiting for the day to come.   One of the reason is to know more about my Kongu region.  I am proud to say that I belonged to the 24th Nadu ,  ‘Kuruppa Nadu’  with Vijayamangalam as capital in Kongu Region.   The photos taken during the trial walk  and the posters posted by Mr Sevas Pandian kindled my anxiety  further.  Decided to break any obstacles  ( during our trekking also received important phone calls is a different story ).

The  much awaited day dawn with meeting of historians, researchers,  friends of facebook and my previous births  brothers and sisters. I was fortunate  to participate with eminent personalities  Mr  Veeragavan Mr  Veeraswamy, Mar manonmani Pudhuezuthu mangai Ragavan, Barnaboss, Venkatesan tkp, Sultanbai, etc.…. in this Sankagiri Heritage walk. After a brief meeting  at the boys school at the base of the hill, started our trekking  through the main entrance. The steps are paved  randomly with stones and some places steps were chiseled  on the rock itself.  The trek was steep  on some places and forces to  take rest  after climbing 25 to 30 steps. In some places the steps narrowed  due to bush growth.  The Glucose and orange mittai  gave us energy to climb to the top. The  lunch was excellent  to ate at the top of the hill watching clouds passing above us. 

To reach the top of the hill, passed through Uli muka vassal ( உளி முக வாசல்), Thitti vassal (திட்டி வாசல்), Kadikara vassal ( கடிகார வாசல் ), Rana mandala vassal ( ரண மண்டல வாசல்), Puthukottai Vasal ( புதுக்கோட்டை வாசல்), Rokkal Thittivasal ( ரோக்கல் திட்டி வாசல்),  Pooval Thittivasal ( பூவல் திட்டி வாசல்), Idivizhunthaan kundu vassal ( இடி விழுந்தான் குண்டு வாசல்), Vellaikaran vassal ( வெள்ளைக்காரன் வாசல்), Mysore gate( மைசூர் கேட்),  More thitti vassal ( மோர் திட்டி வாசல் ). Ad had seen some the important places like Maan Sunai ( மான் சுனை,),  Aal irangum kuzhi ( ஆள் இறங்கும் குழி), Thol uruchan medu (  தோலுரிச்சான் மேடு), Tongavittan kugai ( தொங்க விட்டான் குகை), Uruttivittan paarai (உருட்டிவிட்டான் பாறை), Theeran Chinnamali hanging place, Natural and man made ponds and the rain  water ways chiseled on the rock  to lead in to ponds,  The Thomas Daniel’s drawing place, etc., etc.,    ( sorry the names are in Tamil and difficult to translate and understand .

On the way we came across both Hindu and  muslim temples. They are Kottai Muneeswaran, Veerabathirar, Kottai Mariamman,  Varadharaja Perumal, Anjaneyar in a  mandapam, A mandapam converted to muslim prayer place, Rain water falls on the Surya Chandra Lingams chiseled on the rock, Anjaneyar Temple Chenna Kesava Perumal Temple, Relief of Lord Shiva worshiped by a devotee and a Dharka.     

we had traveled through many difficult and dangerous paths. It is to be appreciated that Mr Srinivasan had taken much care   for the safe passage of our team  to cross dangerous paths on the sloppy rocks.

Around 15 Hrs, exhausted  completely  and taken rest at the top of the hill and slowly trekked down.  About 17.00 Hrs reached the base of the hill. Again with a brief meeting with Mr Gupta and a group photo and shared the experiences we had during this trek.  Had also seen a  three tier memory stone at a local temple.  Disbursed un-willingly promising  to meet in the next Heritage walk … See you bye for now.. 
 Arriving to the start Point  
Brief meeting at the Boys school 
 Brief meeting at the Boys school 
Arabic school boys looking with curiosity 
Entrance of the fort with the ASI warning board  
 Entrance to the Sankagiri Fort 
 Man made pond for rain water storage 
  Entrance Back side View with Hill of the Sankagiri Fort 
 Entrance Back side View with Hill of the Sankagiri Fort 
 Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple  
 Sri Varadharaja Perumal temple Mandapam 
 Steps chiseled on the rock to climb
 temple stones are used for steps after demolition during Tippu sultan period 
 Pudai sirpangal of Surya and Chandra Lingas 
 View of Varadharaja Perumal temple 
 View of the hill
View of the hill
Panoramic View of the hill
 Rain Water flowing on the steps 
 A small discussion at one entrance of the fort 
 Holes used to hold the guns 
 Death punishment place 
 a natural cave where we took some rest 
Our group caption leads 
 Our group caption leads 
 Soldiers used for playing 
 Soldiers used for playing 
selfie at the entrance of the fort 

To be continued – PART – 2 ( History of the Fort walls and entrances  ) & PART – 3, TEMPLES - with more photos and details....


  1. Wow. That's quiet a fort. Looks lovely!

  2. Wow !!!! the place is so nice and so much natural beauty around. wish i could take part. Thanks a lot for sharing. loved the pics.

    1. Thanks for the encouraging comments Sarkar..