Thursday, 8 February 2018


05th February 2018.
After the 50th Ahimsa walk at Ongur, our planning was to go to Thirunarungundram Sri Parshvanath  also called as  Sri Appaandainathar Jinalaya on a small hill. The Thirunarungundram was mentioned as Thirunarunkondai in the inscriptions and hymns sung by Appar and Sambandar (  both are not the Saiva Nayanmars ). This Jinalaya and the pond or the reservoir has the connection of Chozha kingdom.

Moolavar : A Bas-relief of Sri Parshvanath

Some of the important details are as follows...
Sri Parshvanath is also called as Appar, Appaandaar, Appaandai nathar. Devotees also called as Appa, Aandai, Nathaa ( அப்பரை ஆண்ட நாதர் ).

At the beginning of steps on the right is the Virusha TirthanKara, which was brought from a village called Pavandoor. Alter and Dwajasthambam are at the entrance of the front mandapam. In the inside mandapam sannadhi for Sri Chandrapraba.

The main deity is a bas-relief of Sri Parshvanath in standing posture between two boulders. Hands are in hanging position. A 5 hooded snake is above the head of Sri Parshvanath. On the left, Urchavars are kept under lock and key.  Vimanam was built above the boulder. There is a separate sannadhi for Saraswathi.

As per the legend, the trees were grown between the two boulders and Parshvanath was not visible. A Hunter and his wife came to the hill in search of Kabilai root and they found between the two boulders. While the hunter digging the Kabilai root the crowbar hits Sri Parshvanath feet and blood was oozing out at the same time he lost his eye sight. His wife cleared the area and found Sri Parshvanath. Both  worshiped and the hunter got back his eyesight. While sleeping at home Sri Padmavathi Amman came in their dream and advised them to inform to Sri Kundthavai, the sister of Sri Rajaraja. Kundhavai also visited the hill and worshiped Sri Parshvanath and built this temple.

There is also a cave before the Jinalaya with beds for Jain monks. It is a evidence that Jain monks stayed in this cave and they taught and extended medicinal services also to the local villagers.

The temple was maintained during the three rulers and their officers of Chozha, Pandiya and Vijayanagara periods. Rajarajan-I, Rajendran-I, Kulothunga-I, gave donations to this jinalaya for burning perpetual lamps. During Rajaraja’s 9th year rule his officer Malaiyaman Athi Chokkan Rajakambeera Sethirayan of Kiliyur  gave donation   to this temple for neivedhyam.

One day festival of Narkatchi is celebrated in the month of Tamil Thai and 7 days festival also celebrated during the month of April - May.  In addition to the festivals devotees used to Circumambulate the hill and pray Sri Parswanath for fulfilling their wishes.

Nearest city is the Ulundurpet and Thirunarungundram is about 10 KM distance   towards Thiruvennai Nallur.
Town bus is available from Ulundoorpet.


 Moolavar Sri Appaandainathar 

 Pandya’s inscription

A painting of Sthalapurana

The entrance arch with first and 24th tirthankara's vahana