Tuesday, 8 August 2017


Though this dargah was not in the list of our Heritage Visit, we landed this Dargah by accident. When we inquired the route for the Pallavaram Masque, the locals guided to this Darga. Mr Venkatesh told that this Dargah is  also a historically important site and referred Mr Kombai Anvar’s article appeared in Hindu.

One of the remains of the war between Portuguese and Golkonda & Bijapur Sultans at Santhome is this Hazrath Syed Badrudeen Shaheed Dargah on Dargah Road Pallavaram. The 16th century Santhome Fort was attacked many times by the British, Dutch, French,  Vijayanagar, Bijapur & Golkonda Sultanates.

In 1646, the Golkonda Sultane forces attacked Santhome Portuguese Fort under the command of Mir Jumla with a cannon borrowed from British of Fort St George. In this war Badrudin of Golkonda cavalry also participated as a horseman. He replaced the Portuguese flag with Golkonda Flag after scaling the walls of the Fort. While he was returning back to celebrate this victory he was attacked by the Portuguese sailor from behind and severely cut his head. As per the legend Badrudin took his head in one hand, climbed on the horse and rode along with his mother and brother. ( the fact may be different. He might have partially cut his head or might have grievously injured ).  On the way he died at Pallavaram and buried. Through this extraordinary act of miracle and will power, he is being treated as a saint.
His Mother and brother stayed at Pallavaram and after their death their bodies are  also buried next to him. His horse and the dog was also buried at the entrance of the Dargah and separate structures were raised.

Badrudin Dargah is on the Dargah Road Pallavaram. 


 May be for his horse / Dog 

May be for his horse / Dog 

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