Monday, 23 October 2017


23rd October 2017.
After the dharshan of Sri Adi Chenna Kesava Perumal, situated at Mettupalayam, a part of West Mambalam, my next destination was to this Sri Kothanda Ramar Temple.

Moolavar : Sri Kothanda Ramar with Seetha and Lakshmanan
Some of the important features of this temple are…

The temple is facing east with an entrance arch. Vasantha mandapam is on the opposite of the road. Hanuman Sannadhi is immediately after the entrance arch.

Little further on the right Thirukalyana mandapam with paramapatha vassal and Andal Sannadhi on the right and on the left sannadhi for Sri Ranganayaki and Thirukulam with neatly paved steps. A 4 pillar mandapam is in front of the main shrine. Nandhavanam is on the back side of sanctum.

The sanctum sanctorum consists of  sanctum antarala and arthamandapam.  In the sanctum Moolavar Ramar with Lakshmanar and Seetha. Urchavars Ramar, Seetha, Lakshmanar and Narasimhar are in front of moolavars.

This temple is about 200 years old, built by Sri Adi Narayanadhasar similar to the temple at Bhadrachalam. The Bhadrachalam temple was built by Sri Bhaktha Ramadhasar one of Sri Narayanadhasar’s ancestor. Hence this temple is called as dhakshina Bhadrachalam.

In the year 1926 AD, this temple was developed by Sri Vangaayala Kuppaya Chetti, who has no children. So his relatives gave him slow poison through his food, to kill him to enjoy his property.  Sri Ramar appeared in his dream and asked him to expand this temple and also relieved him from the poison. The Sri Bra. Ve. Dhenuvagupta Venkatarangaiya Haridhasar one of the Manager & care taker of this temple, was making arrangements for the expansion of this temple. When he heard  Sri Vangaayala Kuppaya Chetti’s wish to expand this temple, handed over Rs 4000 collected from the devotees. They sold some old articles and got Rs 1000. With Rs 5000 as initial amount the bhoomi puja to the expansion work  was started on 26th July 1926. Kumbhabhishekam was performed on 30th April 1927 as per Sri Vaikanasa agama.  The inscription stone is fixed on Sri Garudalwar’s sannadhi wall in Telegu.

The temple will get opened between 06.30 Hrs to 10.30 hrs and 17.30 hrs to 20.30 hrs.

Land line number 044 2370 0243

The temple is about a KM from Mambalam Sub Urban railway station and autos are available from there.
The Town Buses  5E,5T, 10e, 11G, 11H, 12G, 49A and S35 passes through this temple Bus Stop Mettupalayam and from there about a KM.
About 2 KM distance from T Nagar Bus terminus.


 Telegu inscriptions about the temple expansion / construction by Sri Vangaayala Kuppaya Chetti 

 This inscription speaks about the donation to create this temple tank 

Sri Vangaayala Kuppaya Chetti who expanded the temple.