Friday, 17 November 2017


04th November 2017.
Visit to this Ganda Mathappa Shiva  temple was a part of Thalavadi Heritage Visit and Thalavadi is on the way from Erode to Mysore via Bannari on the western Ghats. This temple is little off from the main road in the midst of forest. The approach to the temple is through mud road laid up to a check dam build to store water for the animals to drink. During our visit the road was washed away by the recent rain and at one point the driver refused to drive the vehicle beyond that. We got down and removed boulders which obstructs the path and continued up to the temple.  It was told that the wild animals used to roam in this area and drink water in the check dam and the pond behind the temple.

Finally reached the temple. The Shiva temple is facing east, with out a vimana and nandhi is sitting in front. Above Nandhi a pandal was erected. Observed that lot of Iron bells  were hanging from the roof. Mr John Peter, former archeologist told that, this sort of bells unearthed near the temple in large numbers.  Hope this might have been offered to Shiva, to protect their cattle   from wild animals.  Happened to see deer on the way and near the check dam. Thanks to John for this wonderful heritage Visit.

 Iron bells offered to Lord Shiva hanging from the roof of the shed / pandal 
 Iron bells offered to Shiva are hanging from the roof of the shed / pandal 

 The mud road which leads to the temple from main road 

 Old damaged iron bells

 A Pond behind the temple

 Check dam