Thursday, 16 November 2017


04th November 2017.
This heritage visit on 04th November 2017, was mainly focused on Hero stones and Sati Stones in and around Thalavadi, a part of western ghats. This place was once a dense forest and wild animals like lion, tiger, pigs, Boar,  Elephants lives in this area. ( even now the villages used to erect electric fences around their houses and the fields ).  These wild animals used to damage the fields, attack & eat  domestic animals and even human beings lives in the hamlets. To save the domestic animals the villagers used to fight with them and some times they die in the process. A hero stone used to be erected in remembrance of the person who died. These are called the Hero stones and Pulikuthi kal is that one erected  for the hero who died after killing a Tiger. During this Visit we had seen 3 Pulikuthi hero stones of 3 tiers of this two are Sati Hero stones.
Kumparakalankadu Pulikuthi Sati stone: This nadu kal is of three tiers. In the lower level the Hero shown with a spear killing a tiger with his wife on the left side ( The hero’s wife might have ends her life in the funeral fire. In the middle level both husband and wife are taken to the heaven by the angels, who are holding the samara. In the top level. Both husband wife are paring Lord Shiva. Chandran and Suyan are also shown in the top level. This is indicate this should be maintained till the Moon and Sun exists.

Matheswararn Temple Pulikuthi Sati Stone:  This Hero pulikuthi Sati stone is also of three levels. Similar to the previous  Kumparakalankadu Pulikuthi Sati stone, both husband and wife are shown in the first level. In the second level only the hero alone taken to the heaven by the angels. In the third level, only the Hero is shown worshipping Livalingam with Nandhi.

The Matheswararn Temple. A Stucco Nandhi is on the entrance arch instead of  Gopuram

Thottapuram Pulikuthi Stone:  This Pulikuthi stone is installed inside a kalveedu ( stone house ). This is also of three levels. In the lower level the hero is shown with a spear killing a male tiger ( the testicles are shown distinctively ). In the Second level the hero is taken to the heaven by the two angels. In the top level  the hero is shown worshiping  Shiva Linga and nandhi in sitting posture. In addition to this there is also a person male/ female in standing position, which is not much clear.

   Stone houses – the outer two has the Hero stones of which one is a Pulikuthi Nadukal.