Saturday, 18 November 2017


18th November 2017.
This Throwpathy Amman Temple  is little off from the Throwpathy Amman Koil street, in Velachery. Throwpathy Amman is one of the character in the Epic Mahabharat and wife of Pancha Pandavas. She was believed to be the incarnation of Kali. There are many  Throwpathy Amman Temples  in Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. The annual festival is celebrated in and around Senji of Thiruvannamalai district.  People worship Throwpathy Amman as Village deity and some people worship as their Kula Theivam.

Main deity : Throwpathy Amman.
Some of the important features of this temple are..

The temple is facing north  with a sanctum and a muka mandapam. The original temple was built with brick and it was told that the original temple was more 300 years old.

The original brick temple was razed down and new temple was constructed and the second kumbhabhishekam was also performed during 2010. In koshtam Bhrami,  Vaishnavi, Gowri,  Varagi and Vishnu Durgai. Reliefs of Pancha Pandavas, Radha krishnar, Anjaneyar are on the mandapam pillars.

In the sanctum Throwpathy Amman is in standing posture with a parrot on her shoulder. On the back side of Throwpathy  Amman Krishnar and and Pancha Pandavas. Urchava moorthams are kept on the east side of the sanctum. Of that Throwpathy Amman's Vikrakam was unearthed on the same place where the sanctum exists. The name Throwpathy was identified through Kudavolai. In front of Amman  Mahameru is on a Sri Chakaram.   The thiruvasi was erected recently. It contains, flag, jwala, samaram and Suryan. In antarala Palipedam, a 1.5 feet high dwajasthambam and Pothuraja with his fathers head on his left hand in sitting posture. 

Annual festival is being celebrated every year during Tamil Month Chitrai 1st (May ). It will be a 10days festival and ends with a "thimithi" thiruvizha. The thimithi thiruvizha will be conducted after getting permission from Throwpathi Amman. A sword was kept in a pot of water and the sword should stand straight, if Amman nods.  

The temple will be kept opened between 06.30 hrs to 08.30 hrs and 18.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs.

This temple is on the Throwpathy Amman  Koil Street at Velachery / Dhandeeswararm / Dahndeeswram colony.
Throwpathy Amman koil street is just opposite to Gandhi Road.
All the Town buses  to wards Velachery, Medavakkam, East Thambaram passes through Gandhi road bus stop and the temple is walkable distance from the bus stop.