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05th November 2017.
One of the main attraction of this Trichy, Srirangam Heritage Walk is the Swastika Well, at Thiruvellarai close to Sri Pundarikaksha Perumal Temple. This well digging work was started during the 4th year rule of Pallava King Dhanthivarman (800AD) and completed in his 5th year rule to a depth of about 35 feet and with 45 steps. The well was dug by Alambakkathu Vijayanallulan thambi ( brother ) Kamban Aryan.  The well is also called as “Marbidigu Kinaru”. The well was reconstructed during 13th century by Posala ( may be Hoysala ) Veeraramanathan's period a Kudanthai ( Kumbakonam ) vanikan ( Merchant ) Uyyaneri kaattinaan. 

The bottom of the well can be approached from four directions with a L shape steps. This shape shortens the length of the steps and make easy climb up and down.  The four arms of the steps joins the side of the well forms the shape of  symbol Swastik. Swastika is considered as a sign of good fortune came from ancient Aryans. ( This symbol was also adopted by Hitler, the dictator of Germany ).  During our visit there was no water inside the well and we could climb down up the bottom.  The well is  being maintained by the Tamilnadu Archaeological Department.  The steps has two intermediate supports with reliefs of hindu deities.

On the east side parapet semi circular wall rail stone blogs, has two Tamil inscriptions.  One is in the form of text and the other is in the form of poem. The Tamil version of the inscriptions and the meanings  are as follows.


ஸ்வஸ்தி ஸ்ரீ பாரத்வாஜ கோத்ரத்தின் வழித்தோன்றிய பல்லவ திலத குலோத்பவன் தந்திவர்மற்கு யாண்டு நான்காவது எடுத்துக்கொண்டு ஐந்தாவது முற்றுவித்தான் அலம்பாக்க விஷையநல்லுளான் தம்பி கம்பன் அரையன் திருவெள்ளரைத் தென்னூர்ப் பெருங்கிணறு இதன் பியர் மார்ப்பிடுங்குப்பெருங்கிணறென்பது இது ரட்சிப்பார் இவ்வூர் மூவாயிரத்தெழு நூற்றுவரோம்

The inscription mentions that the Pallava king Dhandhivarman belongs to Bharatwaja kothra was praised as Thilaka Kulothbavan.  and the well digging work was started during his 4th year rule and completed in 5th year rule. The well was dug by Alambakkathu Vijayanallulan thambi ( brother ) Kamban Aryan.  The well is also called as “Marbidigu Kinaru”. The well was taken care by the business group called “moovayirathu thelunutruvar”. This inscription also conveys the message of unstableness of this world and we have to do such good deeds to the society.

THE INSCRIPTION – 2. This inscription is in the form of Poem.
ஸ்ரீ கண்டார் காணார் உலகத்திற் காதல் செய்து நில்லாதேய் பண்டேய் பரமன் படைத்த நாள்பார்த்து நின்று நையாதேய்

தண்டார் மூப்பு வந்துன்னை-த்தளரச்செய்து நில்லாமுன் உண்டேல் உண்டு மிக்குது உலகமும் அறைய வைமிந்நேய்

The Poem says that, people seen today may not be seen tomorrow in this world.   This poem also conveys the unstableness of this world, before we get older and die, we have to  do good deeds to this society.  
( Thanks to Thenkongu Sadasivam & Dr Ma. Bhavani  for the Tamil script ).
This temple is situated between Trichy to Thuraiyur Road, 13 KM from bus stop.
Town bus is available from Srirangam
Since there is no boarding and lodging facility, the devotees are advised to take care before going to this temple.

 The Panoramic view of the Swastika well 

   View from bottom 
 Bottom of the well
 Reliefs on the lintel supports - Yoga Narasimhar 
 Reliefs on the lintel supports 
 Reliefs on the lintel supports - Perumal with Sridevi and Bhoodevi 
 Reliefs on the lintel supports - seems to be Dhakshinamurthy 
 Reliefs on the lintel supports - Swan 
 Reliefs on the lintel supports - Vinayaga at the centre

 Fragments of statues 
 Fragments of statues 
 Fragments of statues 
 Fragments of statues