Tuesday, 14 November 2017


04th November 2017.
Planned to attend Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Veeramathi Amman, our Kula Theivam on 3rd November 2017 and visit some of the heritage sites near Erode on 04th November 2017. After boarding the Taxi, on 04th November 2017, suddenly the plan was changed to visit Hero stones at Thalavadi. It was one of my long time wish to visit  Thalavadi, a heritage treasure land. Due to traffic jam on the way we are able to reach Thalavadi around 10.00 hrs. Mr John Peter, an ex archaeologist took us to the un explored areas to see the Hero stones and sati stones. One such place is  Merur, Erode dairy’s milk chilling plant complex at Thalavadi area.

On one side of the complex we had seen a two level Hero stone. In the first level 3 warriors with sword on the right hand & kedayam on the left and three  warriors  are shown for their support with sword and bow. In the second level these three warriors are taken to heaven by the angels ( Deva kanniyars with samaram ).  The top portion was found partially broken. In general these type of Hero stones will have the third level in which Shiva Linga with nandhi are shown. This two level hero stone is a rare one with out Shiva Linga and Nandhi.  This Hero stone does not have any inscription also. The hero stone may belongs to 16th century as per the experts.

In the same complex we had seen a Chekku ( to extract oil from seeds ) to a height of about 4 feet.  The complex also has the Cairn circles, iron slag and the sangam period mud pot pieces. These materials indicates that the ancient people lived in and around this place.


the paper cuttings of our Visit