Monday, 16 April 2018


08th April 2018.
After completing the dharshan of  Sri Kayarohaneswarar, it was told that Thiruparuthi Kundram is about 3 KM from the temple. Decided to  visit this temple also before returning to Chennai.

Deities : Mahaveerar, Pushpathanthar and Dharmadevi.

Some of the important details are..
This temple is facing east with a 3 tier Rajagopuram. Dwajasthambam, Plaipedam are immediately after the Rajagopuram. The jeenalayam consists of three sanctum in a row with a common arthamandapam and a muka mandapam. Mahaveerar, Pushpathanthar and Dharmadevi are in the three sanctums.  Central sanctum Vimanam ( Mahaveerar ) is of single kalasam and other two are of Gajabirushta type. These three sanctums  is called as Thirailokiyanathar Jeenalayam and the same was built during 556 AD by Pallava King Simhavarman.

In the second section sannadhis for Padma Prabhar, Vasupoojyar and Parswanathar and is called as Thirikoodapasthy. These are built during 12th century. This Thirikoodpasthy was also renovated by Kulothunga Chozha –III during his 22nd year rule ( 1200CE). The maha mandapam is if 61 feet length called Sangeetha mandapam, which was used for music concerts during ustavs. It was learnt that the Sangeeth mandapam was built by Irugappa,  one  of the  minister in Vijayanagara Dynasty, during 1387 or 1388 AD. Irugappa joined in samanam at the end of his life, whose  image is on one of the mandapam pillar.

In the prakaram sannadhi for Brahmadevar, Rishabha Nathar, Munivasa mandapam for 5 munis, Sthalaviruksham Kuramaram with a platform. Vanadevdha ( Nagar ) is in the north east corner of the Jeenalayam.

It was told that the original temple for Varthamana Mahaveerar was built by Pallava King Simha Varman ( 556 AD) with bricks. Latter this was rebuilt with stone during Kulothunga Chozha –I ( 1010 – 1120 AD). Both the arthamandapam and muka mandapam are also built during Kulothunga Chozha-I. The Rishabha Devar sanctum and Shanthi mandapam are on the north prakaram abutting the wall. These are built by Rajarajan –III ( 1234 AD). There is a sannadhi for Seethala’s yaksha Brahmadevar. Sannadhi for 5 monks on the north side. On the back side of Mahaveerar’s sannadhi is the sthala virukasham, Kura Tree and a platform around the tree was constructed during 13th century may be by Pallava king Koperumsingan.  The Jeenalaya was maintained by the Pallava, Chozha  and Vijayanagara Kings.

The muka mandapam built during Vijayanagara period has the life story paintings of   Rishabha Nathar, Mahavir and Neminathar on the ceiling.

There is no fixed time and the poojas are taken care of by the tamil Jain family resides opposite to the temple.

Thiruparuthi Kundram is about 4 KM from Bus stand
Thiruparuthikundram is on the Kanchipuram to vellore Route and the Jeenalayam is about a KM from Bus Stop.


REFERENCE: A book on Jinakanchi ThiruparuthiKundram published by Jain Youth Forum.