Tuesday, 24 April 2018


23rd April 2018.
Utilizing the opportunity of attending Kumbhabhishekam of Sri Vijaya Vinayagar temple at Sri Venkateswarar College of Engineering on 22nd April 2018, visited 4 temples in Kanchipuram. This is one of the 1000 and odd temples of Kanchipuram. Eventhough the temple was subjected to lot of changes, but still it retains few heritage value structures and statues.

Iraivi: Sri Karukinil Amarnthaval.

Some of the important details are…
The temple is facing north with a 3tier Rajagopuram. Temple tank is in front of the Rajagopuraam on the right side.  In front of the Sanctum Sanctorum, 6th century Buddhas ( two ), Thavvai with manthan and manthi along with nagars. Nagars shrines are in three places in  the complex. Both Buddhas are in ardha padmasana and one Buddha is in sparisa hastham and other in Thiyana hastham. In this group there is a female head god  worshiped as Manimekalai.  

Navagrahas are at the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum. There are two Pallava period pillars of one is squatting lion pillar and the other is of elephant face. The sanctum sancorum consists of sanctum, antarala and arthamandapam. In the arthamandapam sudhai sirpangal of Amman, might have built in recent years. In koshtam , Vinayagar, amman and Dhakshinamurthy. In the outer prakaram sannadhi for Nagars, Amman and Sri Vedhapureeswarar. 

Amman is in ferocious mood killing Mahishan with trident keeping her right leg on his head and left leg on the thigh.  This place was once a palmyra grove and Amman sat under a palmyra tree, hence Amman is called as Karukinil Amarnthal in Tamil language. Also there is another version that,  Amman to be worshiped during the joining time of evening and night called Karukku. ( Anthi velai )

Eventhough the original temple belongs to Pallava period, nothing was left except two stones of Kumdudam in the athistanam with inscriptions.

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs to 19.30 hrs
The temple is in Pillayar Palayam,  about 2 KM from Bus stand.
Get down at Mettu Theru bus stop on the Kamarajaj road, the temple is about 500 meters.
Lot of autos are available in front of Bus stand.


 Buddha in sparsha hastham- shows that Buddha attained ganam 

 Buddha in Thyana posture 

 Worshiped as Manimekalai
 Buddhas and Thavvai along with Nagars 
 Kumudam stone with inscription - the only proof that this temple belongs to Pallava Period
May be hero stone