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----a continuation post to  Schools of Poonamallee - Exploring Poonamallee - A Heritage Walk
15th April 2018.
The usually locked  avathara mandapa of Thirukachi Nambigal, was opened during our heritage walk. Thanks to Temple authorities. Had the dharshan of Sri Varadharajar during our recce and skipped during the walk for want of time.

Moolavar : Sri Varadharaja Perumal
Thayar    : Sri Pushpavalli Thayar.

Some of the important details are...
The temple is facing west with a  5 tier Rajagopuram. Palipedam Dwajasthambam are immediately after the Rajagopuram entrance. The entrance to the main sanctum is from south. In the Prakaram sannadhi for Venkatesa Perumal, Renganathar, Pushpavalli Thayar,  Andal, and Sri Thirukachi Nambigal. It was believed that Sri Varadharaja perumal and Sri Renganathar gave dharshan to Sri Thirukachi Nambigal simultaneously in this temple.

As per the legend Thirukachi Nambigal was born in 1009AD to Veeraragava  Chetty and Kamalayar as fourth son and his original name was Gajendradasar. As per the instruction of Lord Sri Varadharaja Perumal of Kanchipuram, created a Nandhavanam and done Pushpakaingaryam daily walking all the way to Kanchipuram. He also done “alavatta Seva’ at Kanchipuram, Srirangam and Thirupthi. At one point of time, when he couldn’t walk to do the pushpakaingaryam to lord Varadharaja Perumal  of Kanchipuram,  he dragged on his knees. On seeing his devotion Lord Varadharaja Perumal gave moksha. It is also believed that Sun and Mars ( Angaraga) worshiped Lord Sri Varadharaja Perumal of this temple.

It is not known when the temple was constructed and it is believed that the temple might have built during Paranthaka Chozha –I ( 907 to 954AD) period. From 10th century Paranthaka –I’s  inscription, this place was called as Nedunjezhiya Vinnagar and the name of this place was called as “Poonthamallai” of Puliyur Kottam.  Also from 13th century  inscription this place was called as  Kuzhukaanipakkathuagaram, under MangaduNadu of  Jayankonda Chozlamandalam and  the temple was called as Perumal Koil or Pillaikoil.

One of the 13th century inscription speaks about Cheran Ravivarman Kulasekaran defeated the Pandya king Sadayavarman Sundara Paniyan-II and bifurcated Kaliyuga Ramanallur  from Agaram and named it  Chera Pandiya Chathurvedhi Mangalam and granted to Maraiyur.

The temple also has the contributions of Vijayanagara Dynasty and Nayaks. The  unjal mandapam was built by Achuthappa nayakar. 
Annual Brahmotsavam will be conducted during May- June and Thirukachi nambigal utsav will be conducted during Feb – march.

The temple will be kept opened between 06.30 hrs to 11.30 hrs and 16.30 hrs to 20.30 hrs.

The temple web site:
Land line number is +91 44 26272066

Very close to Poonamallee Bus stand. Lot of Town buses are available from major part of the city.
Poonamallee is on the way to Kanchipuram from Chennai.


 An abandoned Pillar 
 The Pillars available at Arignar Anna School may belongs to this mandapaam 

 Vijayanagara period trade mark Herdsman 
 Avathara mandapa of Thirukachi Nambigal,
 Avathara mandapa of Thirukachi Nambigal,
Avathara mandapa of Thirukachi Nambigal,