Friday, 27 April 2018


23rd April 2018.
This Shiva temple is also one of the 1000 and odd temple of Kanchipuram. It was told that Sri Brahmapureeswarar temple with Gajabirushta Vimana at Thenambkkam is a part of the City, when I mentioned Guru Koil is the only Gajabirushta Vimana Temple in the city of Kanchipuram. When I visited the temple on 22nd April 2018, it was observed that this Temple at Thenambakkam is about 6 KM away from the City. 

Iraivan : Sri Brahmapureeswarar.

Some of the important details are ….
The temple is facing east without any entrance arch or Rajagopuram. Nandhi and Palipedam are in front. In the outer prakaram a place where Maha Periyava stayed for an year, a Vedhapadasala, Navagrahas, Bairavar , sudhai sirpam of Viyasar & Adhi Sankarar, Chandrasekara Ganapathy ( completely covered with granite ), Swaminatha Swamy  and Nagars under a Peepal tree.

The sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum arthamandapam and a mahamandapam. The sanctum has the gajabirushta Vimana built during Chozha Period.  In koshtam Narthana vinayagar, Dhakshinamurthy, Lingothbavar, Brahma and Vishnu Durgai. All the koshta moorthams seems to be of new.

The Temple activities are taken care of by the Sri Sankara Bhaktha Jana Sabha trust and also running a Vedha Padasala. It was told that Indira Gandhi Visited this temple and got blessings of Maha Periyava. She had chosen the “hand” symbol for her Congress Party  after seeing Maha Periyava’s blessing hand.

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs to 19.00 hrs.

The temple is on Kanchipuram to Walajahbad – Chengalpattu road.
The temple is about 5.2 to 5.8 KM from Kanchipuram Bus Stand.
Autos are available from Bus Stand.