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…… a continuation post to Marmalong Bridge, Teachers training College and Panagal maligai.
03rd December 2016.
This Shiva temple is on the Brahmin Street, after Meher Baba’s Ashram, on the banks of river Adyar. Had been to this temple under THE ADYAR – a cultural mapping, a Heritage walk on 03rd December 2016 with 40 and odd heritage walkers.

Iraivan : Sri Soundareswarar
Iraivi    : Sri Thiripura sundhari.

Some of the important features of this temple..
The temple is  facing east with a 3 tier Rajagopuram on the east side and an entrance arch on the south side.  Dwajasthambam, Palipedam and Nandhi mandapam are immediately after the Rajagopuram.

In the outer prakaram  a mandapam, madapalli, Sthala Virukashams (Vilvam, Konrai and Vanni tree ) with Vanneeswarar sannadhi. It was believed that the Vanni tree is of 800 years old. ( It is also believed  that these three trees are Icha, Gana and Kiriya sakthis.)

In the inner prakaram,  sannadhi for 63var, Ganapathy, Subramaniyar  and Saba mandapam. Ambal  sannadhi  is facing south.  The Narai worshiping Lord Shiva stucco image is on the sanctum sanctorum south side entrance arch. 

The temple existed  since 7th century as per the East India Company’s  documents, under Ancient Histories of Religious Hindu Temples, published in the year 1951, Volume- II, on page no 362. During 9th century  Shiva lingam was under the Vilva tree facing east and Vinayagar was under Vanni tree facing  west in separate sannadhis.  During 12th century  a merchant called Sathayan built the corridors and made arrangement for the daily poojas.  Latter between 15th to 17th century the temple was renovated  with the help of Pandya  sthapathys ( whose  fish reliefs can also seen  in the temple ) and outer compound walls are also constructed. During 1919 to 1925,  3 tier vimanas are constructed on moolavar,  Ambal and Vinayagar sanctums.

Devotees believes that, this temple is the Vaipu sthalam for the Padal Petra sthalam of THIRUNAARAIYUR near Kattumannar Koil near Chidambaram. Hence called this temple as Vada Thirunaraiyur. It was also told that the stolen Vigraha was recovered back after reciting Abirami andhathi at  Ambal sannadhi.  From 1957 the temple came under the control of HRCE department.

The temple will be kept opened between 06.30 Hrs to 11.00 Hrs and 17.00 Hrs to 20.30 Hrs. All important functions are celebrated and mutrum othuthal is performed on every 4th Sunday and Uzhavarapani is being carried out on  second Sundays  of  every month. During these times the temple will be kept open for an extended period.

For further details Mr Chandrasekar may be contacted on his mobile 9445232564. 
Appar Arutpanimandram  9444382776 and 9840187387.


The temple is on the  Brahmin street about 500 meters from Saidapet Sub-Urban railway station.
About a km from Saidapet bus terminus and lot of autos are available.


 During 1919 to 1925,  3 tier vimanas are constructed on moolavar,  Ambal and Vinayagar sanctums. 
… to be continued ( Sri Karaneeswarar Temple and Saidapet  Rly Station )


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