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14th March 2017.
I was on an official duty to Thirukadiyur on 14th March 2017 and utilizing this opportunity visited this Danish Fort, which is about 7 KM from Thirkadaiyur. Tranquebar is the earliest Danish settlement and was once a sea port. This was also the headquarters of Collector for about 150 years.  When Danes came Tharangambadi they felt that this place would be a potential trading centre. So Danish Admiral Ove Gjedde entered an agreement with the Thanjavur King Raghunatha Nayak and build this fort. The land was given for rent and allowed them to collect taxes from the villages near by Villages. The treaty was signed on a golden leaf and still available at Danish Royal Archives museum at Copenhagen.  It was believed that this fort was built over a Portuguese Catholic Church where now Fort exists.

The Danish fort otherwise called as Dansborg was constructed in the year 1620. Many parts are reconstructed several times latter. Once the sea was about 500 meters away from the fort wall. But now the east side on the wall is in the sea. The rampart wall is large in size surrounded on all four sides, with bastions at each cardinal points. The three sides of the rampart consists of Barracks, Ware House, Kitchen, Bar room, Kitchen, Jail and a hanging place. In the hanging place after the prisoner was hanged, arrangements are made to dispose the body in to sea through a tunnel.

On the eastern side facing the sea, there is a  two story building  with lower story had ware house and the upper story  had the Church, Governor’s residence and rooms for the senior merchants. The eastern side was  fitted with canons at vantage points. The Fort was protected by the sea on the eastern side and moat was constructed around the fort. There is no moat now and the same was completely destroyed.

During British Period, the  fort was not used since it was not a advantage place for them. After independence the fort was used as an inspection bungalow by the State Government till 1978. After this Tamilnadu Government Archaeological Department had took over the fort and renovated three times ( 2001, 2011 and 2015-16 ). Now A Museum is functioning at the eastern side of the  upper story  building.


 The eastern 2 story building where Governors & Senior Merchants  lodging and Church was functioned


 The remains of fort wall now in the sea


 Tunnel where the dead bodies are discharged in to sea


The agreement between Thanjavur King  Raghunatha Nayak and Danish

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