Sunday, 15 January 2017


10th January 2017.
This is one of the wish to see the aruthra dharshan of Sri Natarajar at Uthirakosamangai, made out of precious green emerald stone “maragatham”.  Also many times Manikkavasakar praised Lord Shiva of Uthirakosamangai in Thiruvasakam. The Abhishekam will be done once in a year and the rest of the period the Natarajar will be coated with sandalwood paste. It  came to true on 10th and 11th January 2017.  Usually the Aruthra dharshan  will happen during December month and I was forced to stay at Chennai for attending official duty. This year I was so happy, since it happened in the  second week of January and planned my travel 3 months in advance.

When I spelt out my plan to Uthirakosamangai visit, my friends suggested  go to Thirupullani, one of the 108 mangalasasana Vaishnava temple and Devipattinam associated with epic Ramayan. Utilizing the opportunity booked the onward ticket to Rameswaram to have the dharshan of Lord Sri Ramanathaswamy. While travelling in the train it was observed that many people are planning to attend aruthra dharshan at Uthirakosamangai. 

Landed Rameswaram on 10th morning through Rameswaram express and had the dharshan  of Sri Parvathavardhini samedha Sri Ramanathaswamy. During my previous visit the temple was preparing for the kumbhabhishekam. The details and some of the photos taken are uploaded in one of my previous post ( Click here ).

... to be continued ( Uthirakosamangai )

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