Monday, 9 January 2017

ST. THOMAS GARRISION CHURCH – THE ADYAR – a cultural Mapping – A Heritage walk

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07th January 2017.
After dharshan of Sri Vaikunda Perumal, Manimangalam, we had our lunch at Sri Balaji Bhavan, Pallavaram and landed at St Thomas Garrision Church located at No1, on GST Road, St Thomas Mount. The church was constructed as per the request of Military personnel of St Thomas Mount but latter shared between St Thomas Mount and Pallavaram. After crossing many road blocks the Church was finally completed in the year 1830, using brick and lime mortar. Initially it was built with two floors and one was removed to fulfill the airport authorities rules. The roof is bomb proof. The church was named after St Thomas, one of the 12 apostles of Jesus.  The  original bell made in UK was replaced  by a Rangoon made, which was donated by a member. It is believed that the railings were made of  steel recovered from the Tippu’s arms. The church has the 13 tablets, mainly speaks about the personnel who rendered service to this Church.

In addition to this Mr Gopu explained the experiment of velocity of the sound was done between this Church and Fort St George by firing a gun measuring the time delay. This was adopted latter in deciding the time lag between India and London and All India Railways.


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