Monday, 9 January 2017

COSMOPOLITAN CLUB – ANNEXE – TRAVANCORE PAVILION – THE ADYAR – a cultural mapping – A Heritage walk.

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07th January 2017.
The club was formed in the year 1873 on the joining point  of river Adyar and Mambalam channel. This club aimed to cater the local elites, since during that period Indians are not allowed in the Madras Club. The Travancore Pavilion was constructed during 1938. Since Rajah of Travancore HH Sri Padmanaba Dasa Bala Varma was in forming of this club, the pavilion was called as Travancore pavilion with an elephant in the emblem. 

C P Ramaswamy Iyer played a major role in acquiring land for the Club.  The club has the facilities of Rooms, Restaurants, Golf Course, Boating and swimming pool.


 Executive members

 The team that went  Heritage walk


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