Monday, 9 January 2017

SRI SUNDARESWARAR TEMPLE AT KOVUR – THE ADYAR – a cultural mapping – A Heritage walk.

…. A Continuation post
07th January 2017
Our next stop was at Sri Sundareswarar Temple, Kovur. This temple is one of the Navagraha sthalam around Chennai. The temple has a Pancharathna Keerthana sung by Saint Thiyagaraja Swamy. It was a different experience to hear the song of the temple by the singer Dr Padma Sugavanam.

As per the legend, Thiyagarajaja Swamy was attacked by the thieves at Kovur on his way to Thirupathi. When enquired, they denied their act of throwing stones. Thiyagaraja Swamy  realized that the act was by Sri Rama. He stayed for 6 months at this place and worshiped lord Shiva of this temple. The details of my earlier visit to this Kovur Sri Sundareswarar Temple was posted in my blog.


 Stucco images of Thiyagaraja and his disciples, the sthala purana  

 Stucco images of Thiyagaraja and his disciples, the sthala purana 

 Kovur Pancha Rathna keerthana 

 Looking What? Stucco images of Thiyagaraja and his disciples 

 Dr Padma Sugavanam’s musical treat  

… to be Continued ( Vishnu Temples, Thiruneermalai )

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