Wednesday, 22 March 2017


..a continuation post to S.V. Nagaram Palace
18th March 2017.
After Lunch at Arani, we had been to this Poosimalai Kuppam Palace, through a forest for about 6 to 7 KM from S V Nagaram. The Palace is in the midst of the forest surrounded by the hills. The locals used to call this as Glass Palace – கண்ணாடி மாளிகை.   It was learnt that the forest was created by planting trees by the Jahirthar.

The Bungalow or the Palace was constructed in the year 1860 CE ( the drawing was prepared in the year 1850) and the Architect was W.N Pogson. The Palace looks like 1800’s European Palaces.  The palace has a Kitchen, living place for the servants and a well. The palace is of G + 2 floors and the top floor was with a tiled slopping roof. Sit out on the north side was supported by cast Iron pipes made like pillars and also serves as a rain water drain pipes from the top slopping roof. The top slopping roof has gutters to divert the water through these cast iron  pipes. These pillars/ rain water pipes are imported from UK and made at Glasgow during 1860 CE

The roof of the Ground and first floors are supported by steel beams and concrete was a mixture of lime mortar and broken bricks. The walls are built with bricks and plastered with lime mortar. In side the wall are finished like a glass and out side the same was done like brick and painted with red oxide colour. The corner bricks are specially made for this palace.    

Even-though the purpose of the Palace was not known there are many stories behind this mistry. One such story is, The Jahirthar  built this palace for his British wife. This Palace also called as SHOOTING BOX. It was told that Jahirthar used to hunt deer, rabbits, wild boar from this Palace.  The Palace now looks like ghost  bungalow used for illegal purposes. The walls are scribbled with paint, ink, nails etc by the miscredients. The doors and windows were taken away.  The Palace stands majestically even now telling it’s old glory.

This Poosimalaikuppam Palace is  about 6 to 7 Km on the north west direction of S.V. Nagaram Palace.


Looks like a castle 

 Ceiling painting 

 Ceiling painting 

Made in UK, Glasgow

 Pillar serves as a Rainwater pipe 

 Corner brick stones specially made for this palace 

 This structure enhances beauty of this Palace

 2nd Floor Roof 

…. To be continued  Robert Kelly Memorial )



  1. arumaiyana pathivu endrum marakkamudiyatha ninaivu

  2. What a beautiful old historical Palace. But it is not known to people who are crossing the road between Vellore to Arni. The ASI has to take a step to attract people.