Saturday, 21 October 2017


14th October 2017,
This temple visit was a part of  Thiruvarur temples visit organized by RATHAM for Prof. Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan. On 14th October 2017, Evening also we Visited the Thiruvarur Thiyagesar temple around 06.40 Hrs after the dharshan of Sri Venkatachalapathy temple at Pulivalam. This time we went through west side  5 tier Rajagopuram through which majority of the devotees enter.  It was told that during Muslims invasion Chidambaram Natarajar was brought to this temple twice  for safety reasons and kept in the front mandapam, where the museum presently functions.  Also Prof. Madusudhanan narrated the fire accident happened to the “Aazhi ther” in the year 1926AD. In that Murugan Achari  tied Thiyagesar and jumped to save Thiyagesar. Thiyagesar was saved but Murugan lost his life in the process.
The Aazhi ther- temple Chariot

 The west side rajagopuram 

Kamalambal Sannadhi was our next destination. The temple is a latter addition facing north east direction may be during Vijayanagara Period with a Dwajasthambam and Palipedam. Ambal is in sitting  Sukasana or the swasthik asana posture. In the mandapam Uchista Ganapathy Keeping Ambal on his left thigh.  In the temple mandapam music treat was rendered by Mr Bharat and Sunil.
Sri Kamalambal in Swasthik Asana

When we came out side, we had seen the Matruraitha Vinayagar. The story goes like this. Sundarar got his gold coins from Lord Shiva Sri Viruthagireeswarar of Virudhchalam ( Thirumuthukundram ) left it in the river and had taken from this Thiruvarur temple tank. He suspected the purity of the gold that the same as the one he dropped at Virudhachalam Manimuktha River. Vinayagar came  and certified the purity. 
Then Comes the Katchi koduthar Sannadhi. Lord Shiva gave dharshan to Thandi adikal, Sindarar and manuneethi Chozhan 
 Maatruraitha vinayagar 

It was planned to attend 15th Sunday,  evening Thiyagesar pooja after the dharshan of Sri Kasi Viswanathar  at Kulikarai, to see the rituals and procedure followed. We missed the opportunity since we arrived late. We had the dharshan of Sri Thiyagarajar and moved to Kamalambal sannadhi and we had the Musical concert  rendered by Mr Bharat and Sunil. The song was composed by Prof. Madhusudhanan, with this we wounded our Thiruvarur Temples Visit. On the way  we had seen an old Tamizi inscription found out by Dr.. The details of this is not known yet.
 Parivattam Cloth to Thiyagesar 

The early Tamizi inscription found out by Dr Arunkumar

The benefits of taking bath at this place of the temple tank – these inscription tablets are installed around the temple tank

I extend my sincere thanks to the organisers of RATHAM, Prof. Madhusudhanan, Mr. Ramabadran, Mr Arthanari Subramaniyan, Mr Jagadeesh, Mrs Padma venka, Mrs Indra, the musicians Mr Bharat, Mr Sunil  and the other participants for this excellent guided tour to Thiruvarur Temples and the hospitality. Thanks to one and all.