Saturday, 28 October 2017


23rd October 2017.
This temple is in between Ayodhya Mandapam and Sri Sathyanarayana Perumal Temple, on the same Street. Bhajans are in progress in connection with Kanthashasti, during my visit to this temple.
Presiding deity: Sri Murugan.

This ashram or the Murugan temple was established by Sri Shankaranda Swamiji a disciple of Santananda Swamiji of Skandashramam, Salem. Swamiji had written a book on Thiru Kumaranadiyar Puranam in which he narrates  the sequences of incidents to the establishment of this ashram. It was assumed that he might have been born in the year 1924 or 1925. Till 1970 he spend his life towards development of his family. 

He Visited daily Vadapalani  Murugan Temple and became an ardent devotee of lord Muruga. In 1970s he started getting dreams of constructing a Murugan temple. In the mean time he met Kanchi Periyava and Thirukovilur Gyannanda Swamikal.  On 12-10-1971, his wife suggested to construct a Murugan Temple in the vacant space of their house without knowing Lord Muruga instructed him in the dream. Initially a Photo of Lord Muruga was kept in a make shift shed and started prayer from 12-11-1971.

Swamiji restored about 200 old dilapidated temples with the guidance of Lord Muruga. When his guru Ganananda attained Samadhi, Swamiji had seen a light was entering in his gurus photo kept in the ashram. In 1984 a murugan idol was installed and kumbhabhishekam was performed by Sri Santhananda Swamiji after constructing a small vimana on a hexagonal sanctum. Murugan idol looks small kid, a matured adult and an old man in different angles.

Swamiji entered in to sainthood from 10-02-2002 as per the instruction of Lord Muruga. At the age of 86, Swamiji constructed a Mahatripurasundari temple at Arumkundram as per the instruction of Goddess Parvathi.

Swamji attained Samadhi on 14th January 2017 and wanted his Samadhi to be built at Arumkundram. A sannadhi was also constructed with a hand full of mud was brought from his Arumkundram Samadhi.

The Ashram will be get opened between 05.00 hrs to 12.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs to 20.30 hrs.

Land line number is  044 2474 7593

The temple is very near to Ayothya mandapam, a land mark of west mambalam.
About 2 Km distance from Mambalam sub-urban railway station.
City buses from Ashok pillar to T Nagar passes through Ayothya Mandapam on Aryagowda Street and bus stop is Ayothya mandapam.