Thursday, 19 October 2017


15th October 2017.
This temple visit was a part of  Thiruvarur temples visit organized by RATHAM for Prof. Madhusudhanan Kalaichelvan. And also my second visit to this temple within a gap of just 20 days. My First visit to this temple was a part of Padal Petra Sthalangal Dharshan during January 2013. 

A city developed  near to the sea shore is called as Pattinam, hence Nagai is being called as Nagapattinam.  The Nagapattinam was one of the Port during Chozha’s Period. The King Rajaraja had built a Buddhist Vihar "Chudamani  Vihar“ in tiers in which Buddha statues were installed in three postures.  The Buddhism was practiced  in those days  and there were lot of conflicts with Jainisam. The Pallava King Parameswara Varman  gave a solution that who ever wins can stay here in a competition. Buddhist lost and they moved to Srilanka during 10th Century. It was learnt that some of Buddhist were also converted to Muslims on sea coastal areas.  

The present Nagapattinam was called as Nagai karonam during Devara Moovar Period. This Shiva temple is the 199th Devaram Padal Petra shiva Sthalam. Moovar has sung hymns on Lord Shiva of this temple. Especially Sundarar asked Clothes made of Silk, jewelry studded with precious stones like Diamond, Emerald & pearl, Javvathu and Santhu from Lord Shiva of this temple. Ambal Neelayathakshi temple is a latter addition may be during 16th to 17th Century Vijayanagara Period.   Sri Muthusamy Dheekshithar has composed songs on Ambal of this temple. 

Prof Madhusudhanan explained  that there are different cults existed in worshiping Lord Shiva like Maakalam, Kapalikam, Lakuleesam, etc,. This Lakuleesam was practiced popularly in North India and Lakuleesar Statues are found in many parts of  North India. The basic principle of this cult is  to attain Lord Shiva’s feet with mortal body ( Kayam = காயம், உடம்பு human body ). It was believed that Pundarika Maharishi who practiced this Lakuleesa Pasupatham worshiped Lord Shiva of Kasi, Kanchipuram and Kumbakonam, where the Kayarokanam or Karonam temples are still exists. Hence this temple Shiva is called as Sri Kayarokaneeswarar.

Pundarika maharishi

Then he explained the Athipatha Nayanar, one of the 63 Nayanmars story. This is the birth place of Athipatha Nayanar, who belongs to fishermen’s community. He used to let the first fish caught, back in to the sea. Lord Shiva wants to test his bakthi and made a golden fish to be caught. Though the Nayanar has to survive with that day’s fish catch, he let the golden fish back in to the sea. Lord Shiva appeared before him and blessed him. This incidence is being celebrated as a festival every year and fishermen’s community used to participate from Various parts of the Tamil Nadu.  
 At the Rajagopuram entrance side wall.. the story of Markandeyar 

 Indiran worshiping Lord shiva

 At the Rajagopuram entrance side wall.. the story of  Kannappar 

 Paintings on the Ambal sannadhi wall marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvathy. 
 Paintings on the Ambal sannadhi wall marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvathy. 
Paintings on the Ambal sannadhi wall marriage of Lord Shiva with Parvathy. 

Sri Azhukuni Siddhar’s jeeva Samadhi

Mr Bharat has sung the Deavaram hymn composed by Sundarar and  Muthusamy Dheekshithar’s  song on Ambal.