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23rd October 2017.
This mandapam is on the Aryagowda road, a landmark place of West Mambalam. Established in the year 1954 by Sri Ram Samaj. The main aim of the Sri Ram Samaj is to celebrate Ram Navami every year in a grand manner and to serve the people and  society by the way of Bharat culture.  

The thought of celebrating Sri Rama Navami  in West Mambalam was the brain child of one Mr K.Subramaniya Iyer fondly called as KS, in the year 1954. Brahmasri Somadeva Sarma ( father of Srivatsa Jayarama Sarma a famous religious orator) gave the name  as “Sri Ram Samaj” and the same was registered in the year 1958. With Srinivasa Rao, KS approached Sri Venkatrama Iyer, a noted Congress man who gave Rs 25/-.  With this initial amount they collected Rs 242/-  and celebrated the first Sri Ram navami in a thatched  shed in a vacant land on Bhakthavatsalam street. Nine orators were arranged for all the nine days to discourse. The first upanyasam on Srimad Valmiki Ramayana   was given by Sukhabrahman Brahmasri Ramaswamy Sastrigal. In 1957 the Thanjavur painting was purchased, kept presently at the mandapam.

To celebrate Ram Navami and to have own structure, a 4 ground land was purchased with encumbrance from Sri Srinivasa Iyer, a real estate developer and the same was solved through Veppathur Sri V S Venkatarama Iyer. The cost of the land Rs 5400 was given as loan by Mr K Sundaresa Iyer, the younger of KS and the same was repaid over three years.

Maha Periaya also visited the site and sat in a place where the deities are presently kept. He blessed and said “buy this piece of land, it will augur your society”. Brahmasri Somadeva Sarma  gave the name of this mandapam as “Ayodhya Aswamedha Mahamandapam”   The first ever Upanyasam at this mahamandapam was by Brahmasri Sengalipuram Narayana Dikshitar ( younger brother of Brahmasri Sengalipuram Anantharama Dikshitar).  Now lot of discourses are conducted throughout the year.

With the blessings of Maha Periyava The Sri Ram Samaj, now posses a Community Centre  called Mithilapuri Kalyana mandapam,  A place to perform the obsequies  for the departed soul at T Nagar,  Sri Sitaram Vidyalaya, a matriculation school and Ganapavai.

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The temple is very near to Ayothya mandapam, a land mark of west mambalam.
About 2 Km distance from Mambalam sub-urban railway station.
City buses from Ashok pillar to T Nagar passes through Ayothya Mandapam on Aryagowda Street and bus stop is Ayothya mandapam.