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07th October 2017.
After the Dharshan of Sri Kasi Viswanathar and Sri Maruntheeswarar, at Thiruvanmiyur went to this Pamban Sri Kumaragurudhasa Swamikal Jeeva Samadhi temple, next to Kalashethara dedicated to  a Siddhar and an ardent devotee of Lord Murugan who lived in 19th century.

The Complex consists of a 1941AD Mayurapuram building where the office and the Madapalli functions, a shed in which a bronze  Murugan Statue worshipped by Pamban Swamikal and his statue are facing east, Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Pamban Swamikal and on  the back jeeva samadhi of his disciple Sri Subramaniyadhasar.

The brief history of Sri Pamban Kumaragurudhasa Swamikal….. Pamban Swamikal was born in 1848AD and Appavu was the name given by his parents. On  seeing his seeing his intelligence Sethu Madhava Iyer initiated him at Agni Theertham. At an appropriate age  his parents and Sethu Madhava Iyer arranged his marriage and was blessed with a son and two daughters.

His life was full of mysteries and miracles conducted Lord Murugan. Starting from his young age, he composed many hymns on Lord Muruga and Shunmuga Kavasam is an extraordinary one. He want to direct initiation of Palanimalai Murugan. For the same he constructed a small room in a grave yard and meditated for 35 days and Lord Murugan appeared before him and gave dharshan. From then he led his life like a sanyasi. In 1895AD came to Chennai and stayed at Bangaru Ammal’s residence. The transport, stay and food was arranged by Lord Murugan without his knowledge. In 1896AD he travelled to Chidambaram and wrote a Upanishad called “Thakaralaya Rakashyam”. He travelled to many places and worshipped Lord Muruga. One such place is the Kumarakottam of Kanchipuram where Lord Muruga him self called to worship him. Pamban Swamikal travelled to Varanashi where he took the real sanyasam and started wearing kavi vasthairam.

He didn’t attend the funerals of his mother and his own son, even though he knew through his vision, before the telegram reaches to him.

In the year 1923AD he met with an accident in which his left leg was broken and was admitted in the Chennai, the then Madras,  Govt Hospital. The British Doctors decided to amputate the left leg up to knee and operation date was also fixed. On that day night a peacock came in to his room and sat on his leg and waved its feathers on the broken portion. On the next day when the doctors inspected and to their surprise the broken knee was joined and wound also healed, due  to grace of Lord Muruga. On 30th May 1929AD attained jeeva Samadhi at Chennai. He was also called as “ Ahiyaserma Sudha Vithiga Saiva Siddhanta Ganabanu”

The temple will be kept opened between 07.00 hrs to 12.00 hars and 16.30 hrs to 21.00 hrs and night will be opened during pournami night.

Temple is just a KM from Thiruvanmiyur bus terminus and lot of many buses are there from various parts of the city.
Autos are also available from Bus terminus.

 Jeeva Samadhi of Sri Pamban swamikal

 The Shed in which Lord Murugan statue worshiped by Pamban Swamikal is installed 

 Jeeva Samadhi  of Subramaniyadhasar, Pamban Swamikal's disciple