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SAN THOME BASILICA - THE ADAYAR - a cultural mapping

15th October 2016
One of my long wish of visiting the San Thome Basilica came to true on 15th October 2016. Visited the Basilica along with Mr Venkatesh, Mr.Raja and Mrs.Sakthi Prakash.
San Thome Basilica
It is a Roman  catholic Basilica on Santhome High road. The Basilica was built on the tomb of St. Thomas. The St. Thomas tomb is below the present Basilica’s altar. The Basilica was constructed  in the 16th Century by the Portuguese.  It was rebuilt as a Church with the status of a Cathedral by the British. It was designed in Neo-Gothic Style by the British architects in the late 19th Century.

There is a Museum through which we can go to the under ground St. Thomas’s tomb. It was an awesome view of Jesus on the glass panel behind the altar. The museum had a collections of original wooden statue of St. Thomas, earthen wares, Bones from the site excavated during the construction of this Basilica, stones with inscriptions, Pallava Period Lion Pillars, Baptism bowl made of stone, rare photographs, story of Jesus on mural, St. Thomas’s bone and the tip of the lance head that killed St. Thomas. On the north side entrance statue of Pop John Paul and on the right Flag post erected in the recent years.   


 St. Thomas Tomb below the Altar

 Pope Johna Paul
 Baptism bowl  and Pallava period lion pillars 
Vikrama Chozha Period inscription

 The original St. Thomas  wooden Statue brought by Portuguese 
  St. Thomas’s bone and the tip of the lance head that killed St. Thomas.

 tomb cover stones with inscriptions
tomb cover Stones with inscriptions
For More Photographs : CLICK HERE

…… To be Continued (St. Rita’s Chapel ( Church)

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