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A continuation Post to Sri Palvenneeswarar Temple at Pattali ( presently called as Arasampalayam)
10th October 2016
This is a small village in Erode district on the banks of river Noyyal a tributary to River Cauvery near Orathupalayam reservoir. This was mentioned as Kodumanam in the Sangam literature Pathitrrupathu during 2rd century BC. This was once a trading center for the precious stones like garnet, Carnelian, lepis lazuli, sapphire and quartz.  Also this place has the skilled crafts men, in making finest Iron. The Romans came to Kodumanal for trading these precious stones and finest Irons and silver articles.

There are about 300 megalithic tombs of various sizes and menhirs near the tombs. It is still a mystery how the people could erect such big and high stones with out modern equipment. This Kodumanal city was divided in to two parts one side where the human settlements and on the other side historic burial sites. The excavations  reveals that the people lived in that are finest craftsmen with modern furnaces  for melting metals and forging equipment. Some of the excavated materials are Shell bangles, beads with designs, pottery,  Bronze statues, Roman Coins, Roman art materials, etc,. The earthen wares excavated  has the Brahmi inscriptions of various designs.   
 A periphery limit stone to the land donated to a temple in one village before kodumanal. ( Soolakal )
 The Orathuppalayam reservoir on the river Noyyal 

 Collections by our guide Santhosh, who lives near the settlement
 A inscription panel in the excavated settlement area,  what it wants to convey?
 A inscription panel in the excavated settlement area,  what it wants to convey?
 A periphery limit stone 
A periphery limit stone ( Soola kal)
My Collections from Kodumanal :

 Pink at the centre is worth
Iron slag
For More Photographs : CLICK HERE
…. To be continued  ( Arachalur )


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