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05th March 2017.
Even though I had been to this temple earlier, this visit is a part of Triplicane Heritage walk, to learn about historical point of view.  This is the 61st Divya desam of 108 Divya desams of Lord Vishnu:

Moolavar   : Sri Ranganathar
Thayar      : Sri Vedhavalli Thayar

Some of the important features of this temple are...
The temple is facing east with a thirukulam in front. There is a mandapam in front of the 5 tier Rajagopuram. Palipedam, Dwajasthambam and Garudalwar Sanndhi are immediately after the Rajagopuram.. Kannadi room ( Mirror room) and Paramapatha vassal.  

Sri Ranganathar is in reclining  position on adhisheshan. The sanctum is in rectangular shape hence the vimanam is like  Rajagopuram.
Sannadhis for Varaha, Narasimha facing eachother, Alwars in the elevated level of sanctum mandapam

Thayar Vedhavalli is in a separate sannadhi facing east on the right side of moolavar.  Sannadhi for Yoga Narashimhar, Ramar, Gajendravaradhar and Aandal are in the prakaram.

It was believed that the moolavar sanctum was build during Pallava Period. The earliest inscription available is 808 AD, Nandivarma Pallva Period. It states that the temple existed before. The inscription in fragment stones  available are Danti Varma ( 779 – 830), 23rd year of Rajaraja deva, Kulothunga III, ( 1012 to 1044 CE ) of Chozha period, Vijayanagara Kings ( 1586- 1616 CE ), Vijayanagara King Rangaraya Deva Maharaj I ( 1578 – 1586 CE ), Pandiya King Maravarman aka Thirupuvana Chakravarthy Kulasekara Deva, etc. The inscriptions are in both Tamil and Telegu.  These fragments are kept on display in the north side  of moolavar sanctum wall.

The temple was used during the battles of Golkonda, French and  Dutch. Eminent personalities like  Sri Ramanuja, Swami Vivekanda and mahakavi Subramaniya Bharathi have also worshiped lord of this temple. 

The temple kept open between 07.00 Hrs to 12.30 Hrs and 16.00 Hrs to 21.00 Hrs

Temple office phone numbers are 044 28442462 and 28447042

Just walkable distance from MRTS railway station.
1.5 KM distance from Beach road Bus stop.
Town buses are available from various parts of the city



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