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2nd October 2016.
On 2nd October 2016, We had covered areas of historical and social importance on the north side of the Adyar creek, Once the best Hotel, Oceanic  hotel in town, Two Churches with streets surrounded by the converted Christians migrated from Madurai and Ramnad areas, Dhyana Ashram,   the king who committed suicide and the haunted bungalow Admiralty House,  the movie mogul who started out, a Christian Cemetery  in the Quibble Island where Portuguese buried with some recent famous personalities,  the house where a famous Indian finance minister grew up and could not inherit the house because he had married outside his caste and ends with the place where the Adyar battle took place. Thanks Mr Venkatesh and Vincent D’ Souza for taking us through the history of Adyar creek Heritage walk.

The Hotel was very famous during 1950s on the Santhome High road, on the banks of River Adyar. Today all that remain is an empty plot of land with a the crumbling welcome arch. Only some of the letters reminds that there was a Hotel, long back on this place. One Could have Bay of Bengal sea view, the remains of Leith castle and Port, Port built by the Portuguese were gone and the Three streets bears the name of Leith Castle. The sea View also vanished due to urbanization in front of the Hotel. In spite of that,  the present  Hotel Sangeetha and an Old house holds the names of Sea View and Marine view.

The Oceanic Hotle was in a six acres of land bought by a lawer K.R. Shenai in the year 1917. He sold the property to M.S. Ramaswamy Chettiyar of Mahalakshmi Films. Two hotels Ocenaic and Ratnagar were built in the plot with Ultra modern facilities with Aircondtioning, Icecream Parlour, Refrigerators, Electric fans, Kitchen utensils, Lawn movers. There were only three such Hotels in the City in those days.

After Ramaswamy Chettiyar’s demise the Hotel was leased to R. Kapanipathi Rao by his son Meyyappan.  The lease was also renewed in 1965 and continued up to 1970. After that the Hotels are handed over to Meyyappan through Madras High Court after a legal battle. Again the property ran in to a Land ceiling act case and finally in 1993 the case was settled and the operations of the hotel was also shut.  
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 Our Heritage walk route 
 Oceanic Hotel Old View  
 Oceanic Hotel Present View of the Arch 
 Oceanic Hotel Present View of the Arch 
 Hotel Sangeetha Santhome -Holds the name of Ocean Court and Sea View. 
 Hotel Sangeetha - Holds the name of Ocean Court and Sea View. 
 The House named after Marine View 
The House named after Marine View  O. Thanikachalam Chetti’s family lives here (There is a street named after him at T Nagar ) He was the pioneer of the dravidian movement. In 1921 B & C Mills strike he supported the  caste Hindu workers and strongly criticized the actions of the Dalit workers and police

…. To be Continued. ( St. Lazarus Church )

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