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02nd October 2016
The St. Lazarus Church was constructed by the Portuguese in the Colony of Sao Tome de Meliapore ( Mylapore) in the year 1582, in front of Leith castle and their Port. The same was rebuilt in 1637 by Madeiros family and again 1952. After that the Church was renamed as Our lady of Guidance.

A Brief history is,  The Church was built by Fr Ribeiro. I was extended  and renovated by an European named Manuel Madra in 1637.  In 1928, Fr A M Texeira, laid the foundation for the new Church and completed in 1954. Henceforth the Church was called as Our Lady of Guidance ( Nossa Senhora de Guia). This Parish was first known as ‘ Madre-de-Deus’ ( Mother of God). The Place was entrusted to the Jesuit Fathers for the Retreat House, Lazarus Church was made the Parish Church. This Portuguese name Madre-de-Deus in due course, gave name “Madras” to this city. On 1st June 1957 this church was erected as a Parish and the statue of Our Lady of Guidance was also installed. It was learned that lepers were treated through this Church housed in the nearby streets.  

On the back side of the Church we tried to see the remains of the old Church, but we could see only the new construction activities. The streets are being Occupied by the Converted Christians migrated from Madurai and Ramnad areas. The streets had changed a lot,  with new apartments. We could notice Mother’s Stucco images and Photos are in front of many house entrances.  

The Church tells its own story 
 The original Church was exists here 
 Kanagaraya Malaiyappan Street where majority of the Christians are living 
 Kanagaraya Malaiyappan Street where majority of the Christians are living 
 An old Hindu House. This has a separate entrance for the servants
 A Church on the way  to Dhyan Ashram 

….to be continued ( DHYNA ASHRAM )

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