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A Continuation Post ( Peialwar’s birth place )….
15th October 2016.
The presiding deity is Kolavizhi Amman otherwise called as Bhadrakali Amman, Ambika, Mayurapuri Gramadevatha. This temple is attached to Sri Kapaleswarar temple of Mylapore. Kolavizhi Amman was the protective god when Mylapore was a big Village. Normally Amman’s are protectors of the territories. The poojas are conducted as per agama by the non Brahmin poojaris.

The temple and presiding deity is facing north. In the sanctum Amman’s stucco statue is on the back side wall and abhishekam is done for the urchavar. Sannadi for Saptamathas in a single panel, Vinayagar, Naagars. There is well covered with Iron grills. Lot of lock are locked with the gril. It was believed that Kolavizhi Amman will remove the hurdles like legal cases, etc,.

Bramotsavam or any functions preference is given first to Kolavizhi Amman and after that only to Kapali temple. In 63var processions also Kolavizhi Amman leads the other chariots.  The devotees praise Kolavizhi Amman as the Guardian angel and protects from  any danger including Natural disasters. So the devotees used to keep a share of money to be offered before doing any important functions or any business.

The important functions held in this temple are Pournami Pooja ( the vegetables offered are hanged in the temple), Poochoridal, carrying Poochatti (carrying the fire pots), and Milk abhishekam carrying in a procession.
The nearest Railway station is Mylapore. And bus stop Mylapore Tank

 Tortoise must be  offered from fisher men community 
    Vegetable and fruits thoranam for the pournami pooja offering by the devotees.  
      Vegetable and fruits thoranam for the pournami pooja offering by the devotees.  
Legal problem.. do not worry put a lock on this grill and the problem will be solved by Kolavizhi Amman
……. To be Continued Sri Virupaksheeswarar Temple

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